Razer BlackWidow V4 75% Keyboard Review

The world of keyboards is witnessing yet another major player jumping into the custom keyboard trend. Meet the Razer BlackWidow V4 75%, a significant move by Razer into the enthusiast-grade keyboard market. With its blend of advanced features and Razer’s signature design finesse, it’s poised to compete strongly in this growing niche. Let’s delve deeper into what this keyboard has to offer.


Crafted with a sturdy aluminum case Functional and ergonomic layout Includes an additional magnetic wrist rest for added comfort The BlackWidow V4 75% boasts both style and durability, featuring an aluminum outer case complemented by a textured plastic underside. Its solid construction ensures minimal deck flex, delivering a premium feel. Sporting a 75% layout, it strikes a balance between functionality and space-saving, catering to those who crave extra desk room without sacrificing essential keyboard functions. However, Razer’s choice of an ‘International US’ ISO configuration might puzzle some users, blending elements from both ANSI and ISO layouts, potentially leading to confusion.

While the keyboard impresses overall, the choice of Doubleshot ABS keycaps at this price point raises eyebrows. Given Razer’s reputation for using textured PBT keycaps on higher-end models, this decision feels like a missed opportunity. Nevertheless, the keycaps offer a comfortable typing experience. Additional features include a small but tactile volume roller and media control buttons, along with a plush leatherette wrist rest that attaches magnetically, enhancing user comfort.

Connectivity is straightforward with a detachable USB-C to USB-A cable, securely nestled within the keyboard chassis. The inclusion of a braided cable adds a touch of durability, albeit packaging the product in thin plastic bags feels out of step with Razer’s sustainability goals.

Performance Utilizes soft-tactile Orange switches for a satisfying typing experience Offers hot-swappable sockets for customizable key switches Boasts an 8000Hz polling rate, although its practical benefits may be debatable Departing from its usual clicky Green switches, Razer introduces third-gen soft-tactile Orange switches in the BlackWidow V4 75%, akin to MX Brown switches. These switches offer a satisfying keystroke, ideal for both typing and gaming activities. Pre-lubrication enhances their smoothness, while the hot-swappable nature of the keyboard allows users to customize their switches effortlessly.

Despite its gasket-mounted design, which typically enhances keyboard bounce, the BlackWidow V4 75% delivers a more solid typing experience, supported by effective sound dampening. However, the warranty policy discouraging user modifications may deter some enthusiasts. Notably, Razer incorporates an 8000Hz polling rate, catering to competitive gamers, although its necessity may be questionable for the average user.

Software and Lighting

Boasts vibrant RGB lighting with customizable options through Synapse software Under-glow lighting adds a stylish touch Synapse software offers extensive customization, albeit with occasional loading delays The keyboard’s RGB lighting, characteristic of Razer products, adds flair without overwhelming. Under-glow lighting enhances its aesthetic appeal, reminiscent of high-performance vehicles in racing games. Synapse software facilitates comprehensive customization, from per-key backlighting to key remapping, though it suffers occasional sluggishness.

Final Thoughts

The Razer BlackWidow V4 75% impresses with its solid build, tactile switches, and user-friendly features. However, competing options like the Keychron Q1 V2 or Q1 Pro offer similar performance at a lower price point, making Razer’s offering seem less compelling. While the BlackWidow V4 75% serves as a commendable entry into the enthusiast keyboard market, its value proposition falls short compared to alternatives. For those seeking more options, exploring the best mechanical keyboards available may provide a broader perspective.

The Blackwidow V4 75% Also comes with a two-year warranty

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  • Excellent tactile feedback and smooth typing experience thanks to the soft-tactile Orange switches.
  • Sturdy aluminum case and thoughtful design elements contribute to a premium look and feel.


  • The choice of doubleshot ABS keycaps instead of more durable PBT keycaps at this price point may disappoint some users.
  • The warranty policy discouraging user modifications detracts from the keyboard's appeal to enthusiasts who enjoy customization options.




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