Helldivers 2

Our cherished freedom hangs in the balance as Super Earth senses the encroachment of communism across neighboring planets. Only our most patriotic Helldivers can rise to the occasion and rescue the day! Their mission: to liberate planets from the clutches of bugs and robots that dare obstruct the path of democracy.

This captivating game has a profound impact on its players. Developed using an old Swedish Engine, which was discontinued in 2018, it’s remarkable what this engine achieved. Notably, Arrowhead Game Studio—an indie studio from Sweden—crafted this gem, having previously brought us titles like The Showdown Effect, Magicka, and Gauntlet.

The audio experience reaches new heights on both PC and Console. The integration of sounds and vibrations through the PS5 controller, despite the engine’s discontinuation before the PlayStation 5’s release, raises questions about untapped potential in older engines overshadowed by Unreal Engine 5.

Returning to the game itself, players will find constant amusement and entertainment in voice lines, stunning graphics, humorous loading screen tips, and an enticing battle pass that fuels the desire to keep grinding.

However, some players may grapple with controls on the PS5. The limited number of buttons on the controller poses multitasking challenges. And did we mention there are nine difficulty levels? Advancing to higher difficulties involves climbing the ladder of success—one successful mission at a time for each region.

Choose from an array of weapons, grenades, and armor to enhance your survival odds. Heavy armor proves effective against Automatons, while light or medium armor is ideal for squashing bugs.

And when the going gets tough, call in orbital strikes and heavy-duty weaponry—it feels like entering cheat codes. Collect samples during missions to reduce cooldowns on these valuable assists or boost durability.

Final Thoughts: The game feels like an absolute meme, but in the best way possible, it’s the 1st game in a very long time that feels worth paying the full price on without thinking twice about it, except for the controls on Console not being the best the game feels nearly flawless, the devs are also actively working on the game to fix issues such as the SOS beacons not working as they should was already resolved shortly after it was discovered.

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  • Addiction level is nearly as high as the democracy level in this game
  • Even though the area might be the same, the missions feels different
  • Work together with the community to progress to the next area
  • Devs are working actively on the game


  • Multitasking on Console is not the best
  • You still reading this and haven't started downloading the game yet