ASUS A21 Gaming Case Review

For gamers seeking the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and cost efficiency, look no further than the ASUS A21 Gaming Case. This sleek and stylish case was crafted for DIY PC builders and gamers alike. Constructed with high-quality material, the ASUS A21 promises its owners durability and longevity and has gained popularity amongst gamers for a reason. 

The ASUS A21 impresses with a visually stunning exterior and showcases a modern yet resilient look. From LED lights to the tempered glass side panel, the attention to detail is well thought out. 

Broad compatibility

ASUS A21 Gaming Case

Additionally, the ASUS A21 offers broad compatibility, supporting up to 360 mm radiators, graphics cards up to 380 mm in length, and CPU air coolers up to 165 mm in height. This expands the case’s versatility and makes it a powerhouse. Allowing gamers to harness the power of larger components for an enhanced gaming experience.

This versatile case supports various motherboard sizes, graphics cards, and storage options, and is great for customization in diverse gaming setups. Furthermore, its multiple expansion slots and drive bays, allow users the option to easily upgrade their rig without complications.

Capable cooling

ASUS A21 Gaming Case

Designed for optimal airflow, the ASUS A21 prevents overheating with well-placed ventilation points and fan mounts. Its front panel mash is 40% porous and is efficient in managing temperatures, dust filtering, as well as RGB visibility This feature ensures efficient cooling while contributing to a superior gaming experience through its customizable RGB elements.

Ample Cable Management

Another highlight worth noting is the ample cable management that comes with the ASUS A21. Situated behind the motherboard, the ASUS A21 comes with a 33 mm wide compartment suitable for cable management. This means you can keep your wiring safe and secure while keeping your surface need and tidy. 

Compared to its competitors, the ASUS A21 stands out as it redefines affordability with its robust build, tempered glass side panel, and unmatched value. Its installation and setup are effortless and cater to both seasoned PC builders as well as beginners. Conveniently placed front-panel ports and controls put everything you need at your fingertips. Not to mention how its user-friendly features make using the ASUS A21 Gaming Case a hassle-free experience. 

Final Verdict

After a thorough analysis, the ASUS A21 Gaming Case emerges as a winning choice for gamers and PC enthusiasts. Its stylish design, durable construction, and user-friendly features create an excellent gaming experience. Its overall performance and affordability make it a recommended option for those seeking an enhanced gaming setup.

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  • Easy installation, even for beginners
  • Convenient port and control accessibility
  • User-friendly features and customization options
  • Stylish tempered glass side panel
  • Excellent cable management
  • Affordable pricing with durability


  • Supports graphics cards only up to 380mm in length
  • Lack of RGB lighting options for flashy aesthetics



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