The Judges for Comic Con Africa Casual Cosplay and Kidscon Cosplay Competition has been revealed!

We are excited to announce the Comic-Con Africa Casual Cosplay Competition and Kidscon Cosplay Competition judges

First up we have the stunning Avelyn Swan!

Avelyn Swan

Avelyn Swan has been cosplaying since 2016 and has taken part in several competitions over the years, most recently winning the Cosplay Cape Town Holloweenification contest in November 2020. She likes to cosplay strong female characters and hopes to inspire others to take the leap and start cosplaying.

Next we have the spectacular Just Plain Chris!

If you were to ask me why Chris why he enjoys cosplay, He’d have two answers. Firstly, he absolutely loves how his cosplays make people smile. It’s a priceless thing to experience – feeling like he has made a small difference to someone in that moment. Secondly, he wouldn’t regard himself as a very artistic or creative person, so cosplay helps him grow and develop in that regard. It continuously takes Chris out of his comfort zone by forcing him to learn new things that he may have little natural aptitude for. Chris feels it keeps his mind and soul young. He is personally drawn to stereotypical hero-types so most of Chris’ cosplays are usually related to that in some way. He finds this type of character very inspirational because they always seem to do the right thing under difficult circumstances. He also enjoys cosplaying characters that have more of a physical element to them – that require him to show my physique – because this allows him to combine his passion for physical fitness with cosplay.

Lastly, we have the talented Princess Maggie!

Princess Maggie

Princess Maggie is a cosplayer, entertainer, actress, events coordinator, seamstress, singer and interior designer with a passion for children’s characters and bringing magic to the world.

She is the founder and fairy godmother at Princess Maggie’s Party Experiences – Gauteng’s premier character entertainment company and Princess Maggie’s Fairytale Cottage – a immersive royal themed kids venue in Midrand.

These three (3) awesome judges will be judging the daily Casual Cosplay Competition, where we encourage cosplayers from all skill levels to enter. Cosplay that has been bought, handmade, rented, commissioned or that are just closest cosplays are all welcome in this competition. Contestants will sign up on the day free of charge at Cosplay Central, and then will need to be at the main stage at 12:00 for the competition. How its works is that the contestants’ names will be read out by DJ Elliot and the contestant will walk across the stage and strike a pose. After all, contestants have done their walk, the judges will pick a winner. The Kidscon Cosplay competition works, in the same way, expect that contestants will sign up on the day free of charge at the cosplay booth in Kidscons and will need to be at the Kidscon stage at 11:00. Both competitions will be happening daily across all four (4) days of Comic-Con Africa!

We cant wait to see you all there and cant wait to see your cosplays!

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