PokéDepot Ignites Pokéfever Ahead of Comic Con Africa

Pokémon trainers of all ages gathered this past weekend at Cedar Square PokéDepot in Fourways to make their final preparations for the 60-player tournament to be held at Comic Con Africa (CCA) on the 24th of September. The PokéDepot-hosted event, sponsored by SolarPop and Unplug Yourself, attracted national attention, with the SABC on hand to interview Pokéfans, and chat with players about their aspirations for Comic-Con and beyond.

Matches across all divisions (comprising of juniors, seniors, and masters) were played in great spirit, with the promise of SolarPop-sponsored prizes for top-ranking players adding a competitive edge that kept even the most seasoned players on their toes. Intended as an event to promote the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), the day provided a platform for new players to learn how to play the game, while also creating a space for seasoned veterans of the TCG to test out new deck combinations and strategies in their bid to put together winning hand after winning hand later this month.

Non-TCG playing Pokémon fanatics were not to be outdone though. Scores of fans in attendance took the day as an opportunity to talk about their favorite Pocket Monsters. Friends, whether old or meeting for the first time, could be heard chatting about the latest Pokémon video game iterations, the newest merchandise that is hitting the shelves, the Pokémon TCG collecting market, or even the fact that Ash Ketchum himself will be attending CCA with the character’s voice actor, Veronica Taylor, making appearances at the show to sign autographs, take photographs with fans, and participate in panel discussions.

Whether it is because of its roots in childhood nostalgia for older fans, competitive play for TCG fanatics, or the excitement of discovering a new and mysterious Pocket Monster for those just making their way into the fandom, Pokémon remains a franchise with the ability to bring people of all ages together. Considering that this day was just a taste of the Pokéfun that Unplug Yourself, SolarPop, and PokéDepot have in store for the 2023 CCA show, I suggest that all trainers prepare themselves for the ultimate chance to “catch `em all” in the coming weeks!

Learn more about Unplug Yourself and enter the Comic Con Africa Pokémon TCG tournament here:

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Check out the awesome range of SolarPop products here:


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