Motorsport Games in Trouble?

Earlier this month, we received news that TOCA has terminated their contract for the BTCC with Motorsport games, and today we heard that after INDYCAR left iRacing to join up with Motorsport Games that they also terminated their contract, this makes us wonder if LeMans Ultimate would even release, only time will tell

Here is a bit more information on both TOCA and INDYCAR:

A statement produced via the BTCC’s official website said: “In order to protect the reputation and intellectual property of the BTCC, including those of its participants and partners, TOCA had been left with no option but to terminate the agreement and immediately withdraw all licensed BTCC rights that were provided to Motorsport Games under that agreement.

“TOCA is aware that this news will come as a huge disappointment to our hundreds of thousands of fans, many of whom were eagerly awaiting the release of a new BTCC game… and we very much share that frustration, due to Motorsport Games being unable to fulfil its contractual commitments.”

The announcement of the agreement’s termination comes just days after it was announced that some 40% of Motorsport Games’ workforce was being laid off, putting future projects in doubt.

Some more info on INDYCAR:

A Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing read: ‘IndyCar stated that its decision to terminate the IndyCar license agreements was due to the company’s alleged failure to satisfy certain of its obligations under the IndyCar license agreements, including making IndyCar racing series video gaming products available in the United States and facilitating a minimum number of IndyCar racing series esports events.’

Many would say that iRacing already has the platform to take over both these licenses but there has been no further communication as to where these licenses would be moved towards.

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