Horizon Forbidden West Coming To PC

Horizon: Forbidden West has officially revealed all the exciting upgrades that will come with the “Complete Edition” release of the game on PC, along with disclosing the release date for the PC version.

This highly-anticipated sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, brought to us by PlayStation Studios and Guerrilla Games, initially made its grand entrance as a PS5 exclusive in early 2022.

Forbidden West received widespread acclaim from both fans and critics alike, lauded for its expansive game world and earning multiple award nominations, including a coveted “Game of the Year” nomination at the 2022 Game Awards.

Now, as the beloved sequel prepares for its PC debut, it’s bringing along a host of exciting new features.

After a triumphant launch, Horizon: Forbidden West embarked on its first major expansion journey with “Burning Shores,” which premiered in April 2023.

This expansion, continuing the storyline after the main game’s conclusion, transported Aloy to a post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles, significantly expanding the game’s map and introducing fresh story content.

In September, Sony and Guerrilla Games unveiled the “Complete Edition” on PS5, encompassing both the main game and the Burning Shores expansion, while also confirming an impending PC release.

The latest trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West’s PC version now provides fans with a detailed glimpse of what to expect.

The PC edition of Horizon: Forbidden West will boast a variety of graphical enhancements, including support for ultrawide displays and optimization for Nvidia DLSS 3, AMD FSR, and Intel XeSS graphics drivers.

Additionally, players can look forward to direct storage support, an unlocked frame rate, and full DualSense compatibility, complete with the highly-touted haptic feedback feature.

The trailer wraps up by announcing the PC release date for Horizon: Forbidden West, which is set for March 21.

The arrival of Horizon: Forbidden West on PC continues Sony’s trend of bringing some of its most prominent first-party titles to the platform at a later date.

Notable recent releases such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, God of War, and The Last of Us Part 1 have all made their way to PC, typically following a period of console exclusivity.

Rumors have also been circulating, suggesting that games like Ghost of Tsushima and Demon’s Souls might soon follow suit with their own PC launches.

As the PC release of Horizon: Forbidden West approaches, many fans are already looking ahead to the next installment in the franchise.

Guerrilla Games introduced “Horizon Call of the Mountain” in early 2023, a virtual reality spinoff of the beloved series that received a “Best VR/AR Game” nomination at the 2023 Game Awards.

Guerrilla has also hinted at the development of the next major entry in the Horizon series, teasing plans to “expand Horizon’s world.”

With Forbidden West’s PC version on the horizon and Horizon 3 in the works, fans of the franchise can anticipate an exciting future ahead.

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