ASUS ROG Chakram gaming mouse Review

ASUS ROG has released their new flagship wireless gaming mouse, the ROG Chakram. The ROG Chakram’s name is based on the weapon used by Indian Warriors and you would soon see why. The reason for this is because of the added Joystick that the Chakram have. This is also one of the reasons why the ROG Chakram won the 2020 IF design award. This joystick is a nice feature to have as you don’t need a extra controller for playing controler based games. I played a bit with it on the new Darksiders Genesis PC game and it helped me alot in the game. It’s also not that hard to set it up to play in the games.

The ROG Chakram features triple connectivity, Dual 2.4GHz Wireless, Bluetooth LE and a wired connection for when you really feel the need to be plugged in to the matrix…ag I meen computer. There was almost zero lag on the 2.4GHz connection when I used it, thanks to the 1000Hz polling rate and it’s as smooth as butter on toast! A feature that I didn’t get to check out and think makes this mouse really worthwhile is the fact that it has Qi charging. Gone are the days of changing out batteries, just plonk this bad boy onto a charging pad and in about 1.8hours you got a fully charged mouse again. From what I have read online you can use a Samsung charging pad with the ROG Chakram. ASUS says that you can get upto 79 hours of gameplay out before you have to charge the mouse again.

As with almost ally gaming related hardware the ROG Chakram features RGB lighting, which you can change in ASUS Armory II software. You can even set the lights so that it shows you what your battery level is! In the box you also get extra OMRON switches that you can (with very little hassle) switch out with the units in the mouse. Going with the whole DIY scene, you can even customize the ROG logo with your own thanks to the included blank disc. Also all the covers(and the two main buttons) on the ROG Chakram is magnetic.

Overall I was really pleased with the ROG Chakram gaming mouse. I could use it with all 3 connection types and didn’t see a drop in preformance. I can’t yet say what the pricing would be like but from what i could read up on it would be about $150(R2300) for the ROG Chakram….which is not too bad for what you do get. I would recommend this to any gamer that wants performance and wants to go wireless. This is your local mad scientist signing out…..Now I wonder when the ROG Qi mouse pad is coming out???

Connectivity: Wired/Wireless
Wireless Tech: RF 2.4Ghz + Bluetooth
Resolution: 100 dpi – 16,000dpi

Weight: 121.6g without cable
Dimensions: 132.7×76.6×42.8mm



Value for Money - 8
Quality - 9
Look/Feel - 8.9
Extra's/Features - 8.6

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