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YO-KAI WATCH Nintendo 3DS Game Review – Spooktacular Game!

Lurking through the bush looking for new bugs for your school project, you find a very strange creature....a Yo-Kai called Whisper! From this chance encounter, your character's life is turned upside down by this “I-don't-take-no-for-a-answer” Yo-Kai Butler. This game was originally first released in Japan July 2013, it…

The Crit:

Story - 95%
Graphics - 95%
Audio - 91%
Gameplay - 92%
Replayability - 90%



A good game for all ages!

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User Rating: 3.5 ( 1 votes)
GES Recommended Award

Lurking through the bush looking for new bugs for your school project, you find a very strange creature….a Yo-Kai called Whisper! From this chance encounter, your character’s life is turned upside down by this “I-don’t-take-no-for-a-answer” Yo-Kai Butler. This game was originally first released in Japan July 2013, it had rave reviews from the Japanese public.  In April 2016 the game was released in the EU(South African market). When you begin the game you get to choose between a boy (Nate) or girl (Katie) character, from there you start your journey into the world of Yo-Kai. Now what is a Yo-Kai? Well it is a “spirit like being” that affects the daily lives of the characters in the game, from making them jealous to feeling very cold. The only way you can see a Yo-Kai is to use a Yo-Kai watch! The watch itself acts like a special magnifying glass that you control with your D-pad, but don’t think those Yo-Kai is going to sit still so you can discover them…. O no! You need to chase them around on the screen, as soon as you hit all the marks then you get to battle the Yo-Kai. If you do a really good job, the Yo-Kai might decide to join your team. Sometimes they join you if you do something for them. When you do battle the Yo-Kai sometimes gets bored and even sleep! There is also different tribes of Yo-Kai, if your current team is from the same tribe they really fight well! But you must remember to have them on the same dial or you can’t use them effectively. Speaking of your fighting dial, there are 4 different features on there to help with your fights:  Soulmate – special moves, Target – for getting the Yo-Kai to focus on a certain enemy, Purify – sometimes the other team hurts your Yo-Kai, this will heal them and give you some extra points and the last Item you can give your Yo-Kai some health or some extra boosts that you pick up throughout the game. I found that there is one or two boss fights that can get intense if you don’t have the right team and this can get frustrating sometimes, but otherwise the gameplay is fast and you won’t get bored soon. Streetpass is also used in the game, this can be real fun because if your friend also have Yo-Kai Watch you can battle each other in real time! The overall story of the game is entertaining and it wants you to actually finish the game, the soundtrack and voice acting is top-notch quality too! When you do really well in a mission you even get a bonus for your hard work!

I personally love the game play dynamics and I feel that the game can be replayed again and again (except some boss battles that was frustrating…my fault not the game’s). With good voice acting and a nice cut-scene animation Yo-Kai Watch will really be worth your while to get. This game is for gamers that love a good storyline and gameplay, lovers of RPG’s will even love it more! This is your local mad scientist signing out…..WHISPER bring back my Coffee!!!

Additional Information

Reviewed on: Nintendo 3DS
Available on: Nintendo 3DS
Genre: RPG
Age Rating:
Publisher/Developer: Nintendo/LEVEL-5
Estimated RRP: +-R599 Retail +-R479 Nintendo E-Shop(download version)
Release Date: 29/04/2016
Download Size: 
10191 blocks
Manual: Download


  • Love the blend of anime(yes there is a anime and Manga for this game) and game graphics
  • the overall gameplay is something you can go back and play again and again


  • Some of the boss fights can sometimes be frustrating.

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