Xbox One Elite Interview with Joe Kruger

The rAge Expo attracts thousands of people every year and this year it was no different. We had some great opportunities to meet with people and find out some juicy info for you. 

We had the great privilege of interviewing Joe Kruger from Xbox during the rAge Expo. Joe shared with us some of the insights for the Xbox One Elite.

Q: What makes ‘Xbox One elite’ better than the ‘Standard Xbox One’ ?

|A: The Elite Console ships with the 1-TB Hybrid SSD (Solid State Drive), what that means it that it has a 1-TB internal storage, with a certain portion which runs SSD hard-drive, that means that the operating system boots up faster, to get in to the game much quicker. With the Console you get, an Elite Controller, which is customizable, so that you can re-map your buttons, and you can save your profile onto the Controller.


Q: Other Consoles had a $50 drop in price, are Xbox South Africa going the same way ?

A: A month ago (September) one of our distributors dropped their price in the market, and any prices drops announced international or in the different regions, might not necessarily trickle down to ours, but we definitely will keep everyone updated on that.


Q: When can we expect the Xbox Windows-10 update to be released ?

A: Xbox Window-10 update is launching together with Back-Wards compatibility in November 2015.


Q: What exclusives are Xbox looking towards, are there going to be particular ones ?

A: Xbox is approximately 20 days away from the launching of Halo-5, which is one of our biggest stapled franchise, and nobody knows Xbox without Halo, obviously we have time exclusively on ‘Raise of the Tomb Raider’ for a year, then we will remain in the Mircosoft Eco System on Windows as well as Xbox One and Xbox 360. That is what we are looking forward to for the rest of the year. Then next year we have ‘Quantum Break’ and ‘Crack Down’ coming in 2016.


Q: Does Xbox get involved with community, and get people up and running education wise or gaming wise or do you keep exclusively to yourselves ?

A: We are quite involved with several communities, and we are looking at investigating quite a few community-building events this year, so keep an eye on your inbox for further details on that. But we are working very closely with a few of our agencies, and local distributors, to ensure that we give back to the community, and actually build the community and expand it.


Q: What is Xbox’s One Elite different from other Consoles – What makes it elite from the other Consoles – And what makes it better from the other Consoles ?

A: We believe that the Xbox One is the Console for Gamers. The first thing is that we have Xbox Live, and that is the biggest, and most socially the most active multiplayer network in the world. The second thing is that we believe that we are delivering the greatest games line-up in Xbox’s history, not just until December 2015, but all the way through until next year – And the way we did this, is that we went to a 3rd party developers to build stronger legions with them, and we have delivered FiFa 2016 as a lead game on Xbox One. And we have got ‘Tomb Raider’ as a time exclusive on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Further to that we obviously went back to our own franchise’s, so that we have launched ‘Gears of War’ Ultimate Edition with the new ‘Gears of War 4 Beta’ for next year. So we have really look at, where do our Key Pillars lie, so we have gone back to those, and we have also invested heavily our independent developers, so what you will see today on our stand at rAge today, ‘Waste Land 2, ‘Cup Head’, as well as ‘Long Dark’.


Q: Why is the Power Supply Box always on the outside of the Xbox Console ?

A: This is a very technical answer, and that was designed with the technical teams higher up.


Q: With all the on-line content that is available, is Xbox looking at just being a all-rounder Console and just specifically games and Xbox Live, or are you going to include media viewing, for instance Netflex, Hulu Plus ?

A: The Xbox One is the center to your Home Entertainment and that is what it is built around, so we deliver extreme strong games and we also deliver extremely strong Home Entertainment applications and those features built into the Xbox One. So we have Plex where you can run a Home Sever from, we have Netflex which is not available locally, however the apps are available, we have YouTube, we have Twitch, so we are really looking at the Live-Style of the Gamer and trying to incorporate that into your Console.


Q: In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse which would you prefer, the Lightsabre or the BFG and why?

A: The Lightsabre, as the BFG does not have enough close range, and I think that you might need that, so definitely the Lightsabre.

Thank you to Joe for taking time-out during the busy expo to chat with us. It was great to get more information about the Xbox One and check out the Xbox One Elite Controller.

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