X-Men Regenesis One Shot

If you think about it, this has been coming for a while now and I was shocked with this comic. Not about the X-men splitting up but about the sides that were chosen.



This event can be seen as a turnaround point for the X-men or a complete disaster. We all know that Wolverine and Cyclops have always had their differences but usually they always get it worked out or live with it. I never expected Wolverine to actually say he had enough and start his own team, never mind going back to Westchester to start up the school again.

If you have been following the X-men you all knew about the split for a while but this book is all about who choose whose side, it’s very well written with a sort of Tribal battle going on between Cyclops & Wolverine. There are a lot of surprises of which I didn’t expect and also a few ones that you knew they were going to make that decision. Taking into account that all this comic book is about is about choosing a side, it is made into a brilliant story and at the end you feel that you cannot wait for the issue one to be released.

If you are not an X-Men fan but would like to give it a try this is definitely a brilliant starting point for you.

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