WWE 2K18 – Mega News Round-Up

WWE in South Africa has received something of a boost of late with weekly live episodes and Pay-Per-View specials after returning to Supersport in the final week of August. Similarly, 2K Sports looks to continue to build off their growing foundation each year with the WWE 2K series and this year is no exception. WWE 2K18 is fast approaching and the news is coming fast and it’s coming furiously. With that in mind, here is round-up of the news, features and improvements to expect in WWE 2K18.

Pre-Order and Deluxe Edition Superstars bonus Superstars:

After an absence of more than a decade, former WWE Champion and new WWE Hall of Famer: Kurt Angle has returned to WWE and makes his video game return in WWE 2K18 as this year’s pre-order DLC bonus. Not only can you play as Kurt Angle 2001 at the height of his rise at the end of the legendary “Attitude Era”, but as “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle 2006 during his final days in WWE more than a decade ago as part of the short lived ECW brand. Not only is Kurt Angle considered one of the greatest amateur and professional wrestlers of all time but he also won an Olympic Gold Medal in 1996 with a broken freakin’ neck. He will no doubt be a valuable character who will not be defeated easily and is available with pre-order copies of WWE 2K18 and brad new sealed copies.

“I was thrilled to return to WWE earlier this year, be honored as a WWE Hall of Fame inductee and find a new home with the best in the business every Monday night as the Raw General Manager,” said Kurt Angle. “And now, I get to follow in the footsteps of many incredible names, like Bill Goldberg, Sting, Ultimate Warrior and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and be featured as the WWE 2K18 pre-order character.”

In addition to Angle, those who pre-order the Deluxe or Collector’s editions of WWE 2K18 will receive extra DLC bonus characters like “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam, everybody’s favour ate Guardian of the Galaxy, Batista from 2010 as well as two extra playable versions of John Cena from ECW One Night Stand 2006 and Wrestlemania 26 in 2010.

WWE 2K18 Features Revealed

As revealed by Visual Concepts Executive Producer of WWE 2K: Mark Little, the following make up the focus of this year’s feature set. Below is an extract of what to expect this year.

Be Like No One

The WWE 2K franchise has enabled users to “Be Like No One” through its amazing Creation Suite for a long time, and this year is no different. The Creation Suite gets even deeper with improvements to Create-a-Superstar, Create-an-Arena and Create-a-Video. The Highlight Replay System now enables users to save game replays to make into future videos and adds a free-roaming camera for further creative and editing control. In addition, we are also bringing creativity to matches with a new Create-a-Match feature. This addition lets players create a custom set of rules for a match, save them and use them in either Play Now or WWE Universe.

WWE 2K18 also delivers a new MyPLAYER experience that introduces fighting styles and a brand new upgrade and progression system. Players can choose from eight fighting styles to help define their MyPLAYER experience. Each fighting style comes with its strengths and weaknesses, so the choice of style matters. No one style can be a master of all! Are you going to be a High Flyer, a Brawler or maybe a Technician? The choice is yours.

With a compelling new MyPLAYER system, we also wanted something unique and different for your MyPLAYER to do in WWE 2K18. Thus, a brand new MyCAREER experience awaits, incorporating a new story and a free-roaming backstage area that allow your MyPLAYER to interact with other WWE Superstars and help direct the narrative. Did you take offense to someone? Are you going to go it alone?  Are you going to align with the General Managers or are you going to let your in-ring prowess speak for itself? The new MyPLAYER experience provides many choices in for how players experience their unfolding stories.

Finally, WWE 2K18 is delivering an all-new Road to Glory Mode that lets players compete against others, using their MyPLAYER characters, in a quest to qualify for WWE pay-per-view events. There is a lot more to share about the new Road to Glory Mode in the coming months, but we are really excited to see everyone bring their MyPLAYER creations to this new level of competition.


WWE 2K18 will be the most realistic WWE game to date in the franchise. This year, we developed an entirely new graphics engine that delivers spectacular new lighting, more realistic skin and new camera effects. The WWE Superstars, crowds and arenas have never looked better. Since words don’t do visuals justice, we are excited to show you how amazing WWE 2K18 looks in the near future.

Along with the great visuals, WWE 2K18 introduces a new commentary team. With the trio of Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves at the commentary table, a WWE 2K game has never sounded better. We also greatly improved crowd sounds, including the addition of authentic crowd chants, to bring the entire WWE experience to life. In short, WWE 2K18 has never been closer to what our fans see every week on WWE television and at live events.

Most Comprehensive WWE Game to Date

WWE 2K18 continues improving and refining the simulation gameplay experience that sits at the core of the franchise. For WWE 2K18, we are bringing new mayhem and carnage in the form of eight-person matches, including Ladder matches, the Royal Rumble, Eight-Person Tags and even a Battle Royal. Players can now experience the chaos of eight WWE Superstars all vying for the same goal!

Speaking of Royal Rumble matches, we also revamped these by implementing new elimination mechanics, a quick elimination system, new match-specific finishers and new elimination sequences. With eight WWE Superstars in the ring, combined with the new mechanics, the Royal Rumble is better than ever.

WWE 2K18 also sees the addition of a new carry system, which we’ll share more details on in the future, as well as thousands of new animations. These are just a few of the changes we made with the gameplay for WWE 2K18 as we develop the most complete WWE simulation experience.

WWE Universe Mode sees changes in WWE 2K18, including a new story system that provides more flexibility in how stories play out. The interactions between WWE Superstars build up to rivalries and determine what stories will unfold. The new story system also supports very diverse pay-per-view calendars, meaning it manages WWE’s current pay-per-view schedule alongside player-created custom pay-per-view calendars. In addition, there are new story cut scenes, new Power Rankings and even a new Superstar goal feature to be announced in the future.

For WWE 2K18, we are working hard to improve the online experience in several ways. For example, we are reworking the search system for Community Creations to ensure everyone is able to find the best amazing content created and made available by the community. Additional improvements will be announced later this year.

All of these feature additions and improvements are only made better by the largest roster in WWE gaming history. We are excited to share the roster for this year’s game soon, but for now, our recent announcement of WWE Hall of Famer and current Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle, as the game’s pre-order bonus is a sign of the good things to come with the roster.”

WWE 2K18 Soundtrack Curated by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

2K always strives to team with the best in music and entertainment when creating their 2K sports soundtracks. They have teamed with John Cena, Whiz Khalifa and Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs in the past few years, but arguably none bigger than WWE Legend and one of the most bankable star in Hollywood today: The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson who is the Exeuctive Soundtrack Producer for WWE 2K18.

The soundtrack, personally selected by The Rock himself, will feature 11 unique songs that represent some of Johnson’s favourite artists and music genres.

“Music is one of my soul’s anchors,” said Johnson. “All genres. I’m excited to celebrate my WWE roots by partnering with the 2K and Apple Music teams and share some of my favorite hardcore training songs with fans all over the world.”

The WWE 2K18 official soundtrack includes:

  • Blues Brothers – “Soul Man”;
  • Boston – “Smokin’”;
  • Bruno Mars – “Runaway Baby”;
  • Disturbed – “Down With The Sickness”;
  • Eazy-E – “Boyz-N-The-Hood”;
  • George Thorogood & The Destroyers – “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”;
  • Joe Walsh – “Rocky Mountain Way”;
  • Kanye West – “Black Skinhead”;
  • Kid Rock – “You Never Met a White Boy Quite Like Me”;
  • ¡MAYDAY! (feat. Tech N9ne) – “Last One Standing”;
  • Tech N9ne (feat. Krizz Kaliko, Serj Tankian) – “Straight Out The Gate”.

WWE 2K18 MyCAREER Details Revealed

MyCAREER is one of the signature modes among the 2K Sports titles and has been positions as the flagship mode of WWE 2K since its first inclusion in WWE 2K15. The goal is enable fans and gamers to create their ideal Superstar and live out their dreams inside the squared circle as a WWE Superstar/MyPLAYER, and hopefully earning enough accomplishments along the way to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

This year’s iteration of MyCAREER willfocus on a strong story narrative, and stories will no longer be share cutscenes with Universe mode which should allow for a unique gameplay experience in this mode. There will be two paths you can choose, namely Company Man and Fan Favourite.

  1. Company Man – Going down the Company Man path means you’re all about helping the general managers (GMs) get what they want out of the roster on any given show. This involves conspiring with the GMs backstage, ambushing other WWE Superstars in the locker room or during their interviews and basically doing whatever it takes to maintain that GM’s power, both in the ring and backstage. The rewards are hefty, though! Continue helping the GM succeed, and you’ll gain access to awesome upgrades, such as the ability to orchestrate a run-in to help you win a match. You can also access Vince McMahon’s office to lobby for match card changes and title rematches.
  2. Fan Favorite – Being a Fan Favorite means you don’t play the whole company game and you’re all about putting on the best matches and promos. You have a locker room full of WWE Superstars and Legends backstage. This route involves earning their respect by taking on different match types – night-in and night-out. You’ll also have WWE Superstars test your in-ring aptitude and skills on the microphone, but if you succeed at this, you will earn the whole locker room’s respect – and with that comes some perks. WWE Legends are always backstage during events. If you earn their respect, they’ll start to give you in-ring bonuses for your matches and promos. If you become the complete package – the guy who can walk the walk and talk the talk like Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena – you’ll be able to have your own customized WWE Championship or Universal Championship. This honor is only given to the best of the best.

It will be your choice how your road to your Wrestlemania Moment plays out.

Not only that, but free roaming will be introduced this year. Rather than manage your rivalries and partnerships through static menus, players will now be able to free-roam through the backstage area and interact with a number of WWE superstars and backstage personnel. If you don’t like the rivalries you are involved in and want a change of pace, you can walk up to somebody and attack them. If you want an interview with Renee Young, simply walk up to her and begin the backstage interview or interrupt someone else she is already interviewing and take the spotlight by force. There is no shortage of personalities to interact with from WWE Superstars, to Legends, to GMs and some of these interactions might lead to side stories where a Superstar could ask you ambush their rival or battle you in an in-ring promo.

The promo engine has received an upgrade this year as well. No longer will you have to choose disjointed responses in order to maintain your momentum for a positive or negative reaction. Now you will be rewarded for choosing a line of responses and sticking with those choices throughout the promo, leading to a more cohesive message to your opponent and the WWE Universe. This year,  a cohesive promo will combo to get you a better promo score and enable you to stick to your word. Many WWE Supserstars have unique personalities and those personalities will better be displayed this year. For example, Enzo Amore will move, talk and walk differently from The New Day who will dance to the ring, who will be different from Bray Wyatt who will have all his unique mannerisms and ticks.

And as before, if your friends have a MyCAREER save, it will be possible to port your friend’s MyPLAYER into your own MyCAREER, enabling you to encounter them backstage where you can feud or team with them. The choice is yours.

WWE 2K18 Complete Roster

WWE 2K18 will have the largest in game roster on disc ever, so there will never be  dull moment as it will take a considerable amount of time to play with everybody or even most. Almost everyone from the current roster of male and female WWE Superstars is represented and there is a healthy selection of Legends as well for those who were fans back in the day. Below is the complete roster.


  1. Aiden English
  2. AJ Styles
  3. Akam
  4. Akira Tozawa
  5. Albert
  6. Alexander Wolfe
  7. Andre The Giant
  8. Apollo Crews
  9. Bam Bam Bigelow
  10. Baron Corbin
  11. Big Boss Man ’91
  12. Big Boss Man ’99
  13. Big Cass
  14. Big E
  15. Big Show
  16. Big Show ’00
  17. Bo Dallas
  18. Bobby Roode
  19. Booker T
  20. Braun Strowman
  21. Bray Wyatt
  22. Bret “Hitman” Hart ’97
  23. Bret “Hitman” Hart ’98
  24. The Brian Kendrick
  25. British Bulldog
  26. Brock Lesnar
  27. Brutus Beefcake
  28. Buddy Roberts
  29. Butch
  30. Cactus Jack ’92
  31. Cactus Jack ’98
  32. Cedric Alexander
  33. Cesaro
  34. Chad Gable
  35. Chris Jericho
  36. Chris Jericho ’00
  37. Christian
  38. Curt Hawkins
  39. Curtis Axel
  40. Daniel Bryan
  41. Darren Young
  42. Dash Wilder
  43. DDP ’92
  44. DDP ’98
  45. Dean Ambrose
  46. Diesel
  47. Dolph Ziggler
  48. Dude Love
  49. Dusty Rhodes
  50. Earthquake
  51. Eddie Guerrero
  52. Edge
  53. Enzo Amore
  54. Epico Colon
  55. Eric Young
  56. Erick Rowan
  57. Fandango
  58. Finn Balor
  59. Finn Balor Demon
  60. The Godfather
  61. Goldberg ’98 / Goldberg ’04
  62. Goldust
  63. Gran Metalik
  64. Greg Valentine
  65. Heath Slater
  66. Hideo Itami
  67. Jack Gallagher
  68. Jake Roberts ’91 / Jake Roberts ’96
  69. Jason Jordan
  70. JBL
  71. Jey Uso
  72. Jim Neidhart
  73. Jimmy “Jam” Garvin
  74. Jimmy Uso
  75. Jinder Mahal
  76. John Cena
  77. Johnny Gargano
  78. Kalisto
  79. Kane / Kane (Corporate)
  80. Kane ’98
  81. Karl Anderson
  82. Kassius Ohno
  83. Kerry Von Erich
  84. Kevin Nash
  85. Kevin Owens
  86. Kevin Von Erich
  87. Killian Dain
  88. Kofi Kingston
  89. Konnor
  90. Larry Zbyszko
  91. Lex Luger
  92. Luke
  93. Luke Gallows
  94. Luke Harper
  95. Mankind
  96. Mark Henry
  97. Michael “PS” Hayes ’86 / ’92
  98. The Miz
  99. Mojo Rawley
  100. McMahon
  101. Perfect
  102. Neville
  103. Nick Miller
  104. No Way Jose
  105. Noam Dar
  106. Papa Shango
  107. Primo Colon
  108. R-Truth
  109. Randy Orton
  110. Randy Savage
  111. “Ravishing” Rick Rude
  112. Razor Ramon
  113. Rezar
  114. Rhyno
  115. Ric Flair ’88
  116. Ric Flair ’91
  117. Rich Swann
  118. Rick Martel
  119. Ricky Steamboat ’91
  120. Ricky Steamboat ’94
  121. Rikishi
  122. The Rock
  123. The Rock ’01
  124. Roderick Strong
  125. Roman Reigns
  126. Rusev
  127. Sami Zayn
  128. Samoa Joe
  129. Sawyer Fulton
  130. Scott Dawson
  131. Scott Hall
  132. Seth Rollins
  133. Shane McMahon
  134. Shane Thorne
  135. Shawn Michaels ’97
  136. Shawn Michaels ’98
  137. Sheamus
  138. Shinsuke Nakamura
  139. Sin Cara
  140. Steve Austin ’97
  141. Sting
  142. Sting ’88
  143. Sting ’91
  144. Sting ’98
  145. Sting ’99
  146. “Stunning” Steve Austin
  147. Sycho Sid
  148. Tatanka
  149. Tatsumi Fujinami
  150. Titus O’neil
  151. TJP
  152. Tommaso Ciampa
  153. Triple H
  154. Triple H ’01
  155. Triple H ’98
  156. Tye Dillinger
  157. Tyler Breeze
  158. Typhoon
  159. Tyson Kidd
  160. Ultimate Warrior
  161. Undertaker ’91 / Undertaker ’98 / Undertaker ’99 (Ministry of Darkness)
  162. The Undertaker
  163. Undertaker ’00
  164. Vader
  165. Viktor
  166. Xavier Woods
  167. Zack Ryder



  1. Alexa Bliss
  2. Alicia Fox
  3. Alundra Blayze
  4. Asuka
  5. Bayley
  6. Becky Lynch
  7. Billie Kay
  8. Brie Bella
  9. Carmella
  10. Charlotte
  11. Dana Brooke
  12. Ember Moon
  13. Emma
  14. Ivory
  15. Jacqueline
  16. Lita
  17. Maryse
  18. Mickie James
  19. Naomi
  20. Natalya
  21. Nia Jax
  22. Nikki Bella
  23. Nikki Cross
  24. Paige
  25. Peyton Royce
  26. Sasha Banks
  27. Stephanie McMahon
  28. Summer Rae
  29. Tamina
  30. Trish Stratus


Manager Only

  1. Bobby Heenan
  2. Lana
  3. Paul Ellering
  4. Paul Heyman
  5. Ted Dibiase


Additional Content

  1. Batista ’10
  2. John Cena ’06
  3. John Cena ’10
  4. Kurt Angle ’01
  5. Kurt Angle ’06
  6. Rob Van Dam ’06


WWE 2K18 is available 17 October 2017 where ever video games are sold. Anybody ordering the Deluxe and Collector’s editions will receive early access and play 4 days earlier on 13 October 2017.

This looks to be anther improvement over the previous game and if everything comes together, WWE 2K18 could be the definitive pro wrestling video game available to date.  Keep watching this space for more on WWE 2K18.

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