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To celebrate the release of Wonder Woman we received some Awesome hampers to give away!

Diana is here, Princess of Themyscira, Warrior Princess of the Amazons, Daughter of Zeus but better known as Wonder Woman. So far everyone is raving about the movie and hopefully this is a turn for DC films. Diana is one of the key founders of the Justice League and having her origin movie come out just before the Justice League movie is perfect.

WONDER WOMAN in cinemas 2 June

But lets get down to business, how do you stand a change to win one of these 3 Amazing hampers?

Just fill in the rafflecopter box below, you can enter every day. Further down you can read some Q&A from Connie Nielsen who portrays Hippolyta in the movie and last but not least some cool info about Injustice 2 and a special event for Wonder Woman.

Hampers contain:

  • Beach Ball
  • Selfie Button Clip
  • Beach Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Computer Stickers
  • Tank Top
  • Men’s T-shirt
  • Woman’s Jacket
  • Hippolyta Doll
  • Gold Bottle
  • Tattoo Set
  • Lapel Pin
  • Metallic Lace Strap
  • Round Fanny Pack
  • The value is R1700

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Connie Nielsen Q&A:

QUESTION:  What drew you to Wonder Woman

CONNIE NIELSEN:  I had an incredible meeting with director Patty Jenkins, between Christmas and New Year’s in London.  We were scheduled to have lunch for maybe an hour, which stretched to four hours, and honestly, we could have continued talking for days.  I just absolutely connected with Patty from the get-go and really fell in love with her vision for the film.  She has this incredible energy, wisdom and acumen as a storyteller, and a wonderful way of zooming in from the bigger picture into the details, and back again to the big picture.  She is a brilliant filmmaker.

Later, we talked a lot about what we would want to do with these kinds of female superheroes, and about the nature of Hippolyta’s powers as a leader and as a mother.

While reading Adrienne Mayor’s book, Amazons, I shared insights from the book with Patty about interesting changes in historical perspectives among female anthropologists and historians, who, based on new DNA evidence are changing the prevailing notion that women have only recently come into power — and that Amazons, rather than being mythical, are actually mythologized characterizations of real warrior women who flourished across the Asian Steppes for centuries, if not millennia.

QUESTION:   Once production began, what was your experience collaborating with Patty? 

CONNIE NIELSEN:  In the past, I have found that it was sometimes difficult to share ideas with a director about character, when for example, the director was uninterested in a female experience or perspective, or, conversely, saw the character as proscribed by a narrow idea of femininity. And with Patty on Wonder Woman, it was always fun and wonderful because I felt this deep trust and that I could openly share ideas with her.

Patty has this incredible ability to get the best out of you while you’re working.  You don’t want to let Patty down.  You want to be your best because you want her to soar.  You want to be part of the toolkit that Patty will tinker with and manage and make this incredible story come alive.

QUESTION:  There’s a wonderful dynamic between Hippolyta and her daughter, Diana.  What was it like working opposite Gal Gadot, who portrays Diana?

CONNIE NIELSEN:  Our working relationship actually began before I met Gal.  Patty told me, “You know, I can’t wait for you to meet Gal.  She has this incredible energy.  It’s so positive that it’ll touch you.”  And it was. I genuinely like Gal, both as an artist and as a person.

Gal is bringing a lot of wonderful things to Wonder Woman. She has this natural grace that makes all of the stunts and action really come alive and which, of course, really suits the character.

QUESTION:  How does Hippolyta view Diana’s decision to leave the “nest” – Themyscira – and venture off to this strange world that Diana knows nothing about?

CONNIE NIELSEN:  As a mother, Hippolyta gives Diana her complete, unadulterated and unconditional love.  It comes out of every pore of any mother, from the moment she is pregnant.  Then, as her children prepare to leave the nest, the children fight to be allowed to be themselves.  A mother supports that process, even as it’s taking away probably the biggest love story of her life. That’s what Hippolyta is feeling when Diana decides to leave Themyscira.

Hippolyta is also struggling with this beautiful prophecy that she can’t share with Diana.  All good myths have a secret prophecy from which one of the characters is trying to escape.  Hippolyta keeps that knowledge to herself and cannot share it with her daughter.  She knows the world and Diana doesn’t.  Diana is not prepared for what she’s about to experience.  And that is going to hurt Diana.

QUESTION:  To convey an Amazon’s physical prowess, you underwent a rigorous physical training regimen and wore some heavy-duty armor.  What was that like? 

CONNIE NIELSEN:  It’s interesting that the Amazon characters, including Hippolyta, wear this spectacular armor. So I was fighting in what amounts to a double corset (laughs). While the armor kept me safe in certain ways, it also presented a real problem with some of the physical movements I was practicing, which meant I had to train doubly hard to sustain the effort while being really constricted, and the stunt team was just incredible ensuring our safety while helping us make the stunts look effortless.

I was always a runner, but for Hippolyta I had to pack on muscle and real strength for the stunts. A whole regimen of massive weight gain was devised for us, which entailed eating massive amounts of high caloric food and lots of protein. The changes were radical and I had to up my training to six hours a day. I can be disciplined when I need to, and that became an important part of preparing for the character.  I had to push my body to do ever more repetitions, with increasing weights, but then I did in fact start to see how my body had really changed, and I was in a very different physical shape.

To do that after passing the age “5-0” is quite something.  It has been somewhat surreal to get in the best shape of my life, while learning how to become an expert horsewoman and swordswoman.  And it has been incredible.

QUESTION:  You filmed on the Amalfi Coast, which is spectacular. What was it like to work there?

CONNIE NIELSEN:  I lived in Italy for many years, so I know it pretty well.  I loved filming there.

QUESTION:  What do you hope audiences take away from the film when they see it in the cinema?

CONNIE NIELSEN:  Well, first of all audiences are in for an incredible show and story.  Wonder Woman is really fun.  It has amazing stunts and you’ll see things you’ve never seen in a movie. They are absolutely spectacular and breathtaking.  The story is personal, and was written, directed and acted with a lot of heart.

You have 50 Amazon warriors on horseback, giant battlefields, a background of World War I and amazing visual effects.  Wonder Woman is going to be an absolute ride.

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