Developed by Cyanide and published by Nacon and Bigben Interactive Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is a third-person action game with some RPG and stealth elements.

The Trailer for this game really gives off an amazing settings that fans of Werewolf stories would get hooked on.

You play as Cahal who is a type of werewolf called a Garou. Now you may find yourself asking what exactly is a Garou? A Garou is a man that can transform into a normal wolf aswell as into a Crinos – A ManWolf Hybrid the most common type of werewolf that you’re used to seeing.

So the story goes as such, Cahal and his pack are fighting against a company that is damaging the Earth also know as Gaia or Mother Earth .The lore also talks of the Triat, three entities which make up the world the Wyld, the Weaver and the Wyrm. The werewolves lean towards the Wyld and things more natural. Humans lean towards the Weaver with their technology and industry and the Wyrm is the evil which lies within both werewolves and humans. It seems to borrow from certain religious themes of a creator, a maintainer and a destroyer. These three need to be in balance for the world to thrive. But here, the evil company Endron – with an affinity to the Wyrm – is disrupting the balance and corrupting anyone involved. Cahal is taking the fight to Endron and destroying their attempts to extract resources so near to their home that is hurting Gaia. In doing so there are tragic losses and a discovery that Endron is injecting their followers with a serum to increase their affinity with the Wyrm and in turn, corrupting them and making them lose their humanity. It falls to Cahal to try and restore order with the world.

The first mission takes you into an espionage mission. You start the game in human form and are tasked with sneaking past Guards and dealing Endron a blow. This is relatively easy to do in your “Lupus” form which lets you transform into a smaller wolf like form. This form makes it really easy to sneak past the Guards aswell as enter vents that let you bypass or shortcut into different Areas. If However you are caught in this first mission the game fails and you have to restart from a checkpoint.

So far this is the only mission that this has happened to me on, in other missions you dont fail and can easily transform into your Crinos form and can basically tank damage whilst dealing loads of damage yourself. You also get access to a Frenzy Meter which once is full lets you get a massive health and damage boost basically letting you decimate anything in your path.

Defeating Enemies gives you Spirit, which lets you upgrade Cahal or let Cahal access new moves.

The game itself is relatively short, and the graphics seem to have downgraded from the Trailer, Even on the PS5 on which i was playing this. The gameplay itself doesnt have major variantions and feels a bit like a rinse and repeat procedure on dealing with the Guards and combat in general. This while being the same price as a AAA Game feels like a bit of a letdown, Hopefully they update this with new content and Graphical Patches.


Final Thoughts

Whilst the Werewolf lore is cool and appeals to many fans, it does feel like the game lets you down in terms of both graphics and gameplay. The Story itself is fun and a worthwhile playthrough, But the repetitiveness in combat means you wont necessarily pick this up for a second or third playthrough until patches or new content gets launched for the game.


  • Cutscenes look really good
  • Crinos mode is super overpowered and gives you that Authentic Werewolf Feeling


  • Graphics Downgraded to Final Game
  • Repetitive Combat
  • Game is Short


Story - 8
Graphics - 6
Audio - 6
Gameplay - 7
Replayability - 5

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