We Look at: Mini-Me Personalized Lego Gifts

I saw these Lego personalised gifts a while ago and since then I’ve wanted one. The great people at Mini-Me.co.za sent us a great package to look at what they can offer.

A Mini-Me Lego figure is a Lego figurine of yourself, or of your own persona or your altered/fantasy look. It can be whatever you want. Most people will love to Mini-Me themselves and it is very cool but there are options to make the figurines funny, accurate, obscured or no relations at all. The figurines can make great gifts and even “thank you” gifts, corporate gifts or a special birthday gift, the options are endless. You can also just buy loose parts if you are a collector and want some cool parts.

When you start building your characters, I would suggest to first start to think of the theme, then move from top to bottom. There are thousands of options to choose from so be sure that you are also not in a hurry. For those who want something simpler, there are “completed” characters that you can order as well for those corporate or funny gift but for the more personal touch you will have to start assembling your options.

The one thing I did that helped was to put everything I really liked in my cart and then I went to my cart to then do an elimination round and finally I was left with my final product. It was still hard a there are so many things that I loved.

When it comes to cost of these characters they are a bit pricey but for what you get and the personal thought that goes into it, it is well worth it. If you look at our two characters and the two stands, our package came to just over R500. If you think about it, what other gift can you buy that someone will see how much effort went into it for R250?

Mini-Me Links:
Website: http://www.mini-me.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiniMeMemorables
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minime.za/

Mini-me is an Awesome gift idea and will make any Geek very happy. With some effort, you can gift someone something special that will capture the essence of their soul.

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