We look at: Fifa 18 on Nintendo Switch

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So Fifa 18 has been out for a week now and we decided to apart from our normal review to write a little post about how Fifa 18 is on the Nintendo Switch.

The biggest thing that everyone is talking about that is missing from the Switch version is the Journey mode. Yes, this is big but the decision was made to exclude it because of the size impact it would have. Other than this big feature the game compares quite nicely among the platform versions.

Fifa 18 being available on the Nintendo Switch is big, it is one of the biggest selling games and not having it on a platform can really hurt. With the Nintendo Switch being so versatile in how you can play and where you can play, it is really fitting for a game like Fifa where gamers always like to play either online, couch co-op or VS and single player.

The graphics might not be 4K but it still looks good and if the game is fun, graphics tend to matter a little less. The audio is also on par and although the commentators might speak a bit less in what I picked up, it might not be such a bad thing.

I’m truly enjoying Fifa 18 on the Nintendo Switch and it is even pushing my Wife to try it out.

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