We look at: Doom on Nintendo Switch

The Space Marine lives another day to fight again, this time on the Nintendo Switch.

Doom 2016 was an awesome reboot of the franchise and even made me (Not a big fan of straight-up FPS) play through the entire game. You play as a space marine battling demonic forces from Hell on a future-set colonized Mars.

The story of Doom was amazing even though it didn’t require a lot of attention. The game ports well to the Nintendo Switch as it does have a pick up and play element that is fast paced and works equally well in any of the three modes, table top, mobile or docked. If the campaign is not enough to keep you entertained, then you can always blast through the stages in Arcade mode where everything is unlocked as the only thing that matters is how fast you can complete a level with how much destruction.

The game runs at 30 FPS in 720p resolution and you can see some texture detail loss when you get up close to objects, but it is quite amazing that they did this in 22GB of size. If you like to play with the Joy-Cons then you have an added option of swinging the joy-con to perform a glory kill instead if just clicking the right analogue stick.

Multiplayer is also available on the Nintendo Switch version, and even though it got some bad rep, after version update 6.66 it has become a lot better.

Doom was amazing, and I Love playing it again and being able to play it on the Nintendo Switch just makes all the Hell a little sweeter.

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