We look at: Destiny 2 Beta

Bungie, the studio that brought us Halo finally gave us something different, Destiny! Destiny was a fresh IP and online FPS game, with release it had some faults but gradually the developers worked to get it fixed.

Now enter Destiny 2, set to release later this year, it looks to improve and continue the success of the franchise. In my opinion things turned around a bit when Rise of Iron was released for Destiny, a lot of bugs were fixed and some frustrations of fans were also heard. Destiny 2’s Beta is out now to enjoy for anyone that Pre-Ordered the game. Below is some gameplay of what I did in the Beta.

The Beta is fun and the game looks to be much more solid than the first release and the graphics are breath-taking. I hope they bring some new things in for us to enjoy and I’m looking forward to a great story line.

About Leon de Bruin

Leon de Bruin
Known by some as “Fr0zeBud”, by others as “Iceman” but he is Leon the Captain of this ship. He started building this ship by hand and after all the framework was done, he put together a team that has made this ship what it is today. He and his crew navigates through this entity called the “WWW” to bring forth the best and the most wonderful loot for your enjoyment.

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