We look at: Adult Geek Onesies

Recently, The Dark Carnival gave us some stuff to look at and review for their store, two of these items were onesies. I’ve been against onesies since they came into existence because for me they provided no real value.

When winter came around and I saw a Superman onesie my mind quickly changed, they are fantastic winter PJs but that it where it stays. Characters onesies look even cooler than normal ones and again they will work great as warm PJs in winter but other than that you will not catch me dead in one.

We received two onesies to look at a grey Unicorn and Pikachu, although they are more expensive than normal onesies they do have some benefits.

Pikachu (The Dark Carnival Link)

Everyone knows this famous Pokémon, and who wouldn’t want to wear this comfy onesie. Even though the onesie has ears and a tail it doesn’t hinder the comfort of the onesie and the material is a great thick quality to keep you warm in winter.

Unicorn (The Dark Carnival Link)

That majestic horse that every girl sought when they were younger or maybe still. Either now you can be a Unicorn or guys can be the unicorn for their Lady ;p This is just as great quality make as the Pikachu onesie and just as warm as well.


Onesies are great as Winter PJs in my opinion but some people like to wear it as normal going out wearables. When choosing a onesie, it is very important to think what you want, when and where you want to wear it and then just look at great quality and something you love.

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