WD_BLACK P10 Review

Western Digital has always made some of the best performing external drives on the market.

With their release of the WD_BLACK P10, this is no different, it’s an excellent external drive with great performance, a lot of storage space, and a real gamer/rugged-looking aesthetic to it.

The P10 is an external harddrive engineered specifically for game storage, It’s compatible with PC, Xbox Series S/X, and the PS5, Thus adding a couple of TB storage space to any console of your choice. It has storage options ranging from 2TB,4TB up til 5TB of expanded storage. Under the hood you’ll find a 5400 rpm drive in a small form factor 2.5″ drive, all tucked away in a Metal Rugged looking enclosure. Connectivity-wise it uses a Micro USB – USB 3.0 type A Cable. Speedwise you’re looking around 140MB/S


This helps a lot especially with new-gen gaming, Games such as Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Call of Duty Cold War both have download sizes 100GB+, When your console launches with an SSD size of under 1TB that leaves little room for more games on your device. That’s where the P10 shines. With an additional 2-5TB of extra space, you’ll be able to at least download all or at least the majority of your game library that you can transfer back onto the console when needed. With a copy speed of 140MB/s, it might not be the fastest external out there, but cost-wise it’s incredibly good value for money compared to an external SSD having around or even near the same size of storage.

Final Thoughts:

The WD_BLACK P10 comes in at a really great local price and adds a lot of storage to the modern-day consoles which is essential for anyone with a library of more than 5 games. I found myself loving the extra storage space on both my PS5 and Series S consoles. 140MB/s is a lot faster than having to delete and redownload the massive next-gen sized games when you need them.


  • Great looking external
  • Decent Transfer Speeds
  • Comes in use with the new gen consoles and their limited storage


Storage Space - 10
Build Quality - 10
Affordability - 9.5
Read/Write Speeds - 8
Aesthetics - 9.5

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