WD_BLACK D10 8TB Review

Western Digital is back with a large-sized drive with an emphasis on gaming with their new launch of the WD_Black D10 8TB Drives.

This drive was built with a focus on storing your games from your consoles and pc, be it Xbox Series, PlayStation
5, or your High-End PC, or even a Mac Machine.

The drive itself uses the old school platter design, this in itself does mean that the drive will be a lot slower than anything a Solid State Drive could do, But more importantly, This means the drive itself needs its own power supply.

Hooking up and connecting the drive to my pc went flawlessly, as WD Drives usually do. The drive’s speed itself was really decent for a 7200RPM Drive and the storage itself meant I could load even Call of Duty Warzone with all patches and updates onto it.

The drives aesthetics were really well done aswell, It’s black, has a Rugged almost Military look to it and the drive itself has rubber feet so as to not lie flat on your desk. It also comes with a plastic stand to let you have the drive vertical on your desk. On the back are the connection ports, these are the power ports, data ports and two included USB type A 7.5W Ports so you could power share from the Drive itself.

With a drive this big its pretty easy to not get the looks right however i think Western Digital has made a great design choice and does make the drive look attractive sitting on your desk.


  • 7200 RPM Drive
  • Great rugged looking design
  • Pretty quiet for such a large drive


  • Needs its own power supply
  • Not cheap at all
  • 7200RPM Drive


Build Quality - 9
Affordability - 5
Aesthetics - 8
Speed - 7
Size - 10

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