Watch Dogs Legion Review

Watchdogs 2 was probably one of my favorite games I’ve played in the past couple years, it expanded on the story from the first watchdogs and fixed up a lot of the gameplay mechanics. So when Watch Dogs Legion was announced I was instantly excited for the new Dedsec story set to take place in London.

In Legion players leave the united states story behind in exchange for a futuristic London filled with Drones, Autonomous vehicles, Holograms and a Private Military that has taken over the City.

After the violent hacker group Zero Day set off a series of explosions across the city, DedSec, is framed for the attack. Set a few months after these events, private security company Albion has moved in to the streets of London. With Dedsec’s own Artificial Intelligence or AI Named Bagley, You’re set to rebuild Dedsec in London, Find the true culprits who set off the attack, Assist with Defeating the Private Army that has taken over the city and Defeat various street gangs, and Recruit new Members for Dedsec, all at the same time.

Almost every single person on the streets of London can be recruited to Dedsec using the deep profiler, You can scan a NPC and display their personal information such as their name, occupation and any skills that they might have. This leads to being able to create a super strong team as you can focus on which skills your team is lacking, being  Spies, Bare knuckle brawlers, Hackers, Police commissioners or even Football hooligans.

There are two modes you can choose when you start Legion, The first being the Permadeath mode which was shown off in various trailers leading up to the game, This means that any operative that may be killed or arrested faces a permanent death. The second mode is a much easier cooldown mode, Where the operatives would either go to hospital or be arrested for 25 minutes. This makes for a much easier attempt at completing the game.

The Legion campaign is vastly different from any other watchdogs game so far and I thoroughly enjoyed the story and liberating the different city districts.

Liberating the districts feels like something pulled out of Far Cry where you need to complete objectives to form resistance and liberate the entire region. In Legion you’d be faced with 3 or 4 objectives, Normally Sabotaging some sort of Albion tech, Defacing one of Albion’s digital signboards and Photographing evidence that Albion is up to no good. Upon completing these objectives you get a new mission which then liberates the district and gives you a brand new operative.

With regards to the games graphics and sound engine,

Watchdogs Legion has some impressive graphics even on PS4 where I reviewed the game (Waiting for the PS5) I found that Legion has put a lot of work into the graphics engine and managed to play with quite a stable framerate on PS4. I had no graphical glitches in my entire playthrough. However, I had quite a few bugs with the sound engine, The audio would become patchy, voices often completely disappearing and the games music often overpowering all other sounds in the game, even the car radio (Which actually has quite an impressive playlist) To fix the audio issues I’d need to exit the game and come back in which is rather weird.

Overall Watchdogs Legion is a refreshing take on the Dedsec story and really distinct by swapping over to London for the latest game.


  • Refreshing New Story
  • Impressive new Fast Travel System
  • Recruit anyone mechanic amazing
  • Game looks and feels great on PS4.


  • Audio Issues are bad
  • No sense of danger without the Permadeath System


Story - 8
Graphics - 10
Audio - 7
Gameplay - 9
Replayability - 10

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