Want to win this Rocket Raccoon & Groot Kotobukiya?

It’s Competition Time Baby!

The Guardians of the Galaxy have joined us for this give away, just wait till you see who it is and how flipping easy it is to walk away with this insane prize!

With the launch just over a month ago of our weekly livecasting reviews known as Live Stream Thursday or the shorter version, LST, the response has been magnificent and the viewership and requests are starting to gain momentum. We have even started doing some vlogs and will shortly break into epic unboxing videos as well!

To celebrate the success of this new fronteer, we have decided to reward our loyal viewers and encourage new comers to join our channels as subscribers to make sure you get notified as soon as epic new content hits the videoverse.

What’s the Prize?

Smallville Comics in Alberton (check their website here) has been an incredible supporter of our company, and has hooked us up with a seriously detailed, incredible and valuable Kotobukiya ArtFX Statue of two of the most “bad asses” in the Guardians of the Galaxy Universe, Rocket Raccoon and Groot! This is an absolutely insane prize to give away, and I am quite tempted to keep it for myself (evil snigger)… but you can try and take it from me by entering our give-away.

How simple is it to enter?

Extremely simple. Below is a rafflecopter feature that will guide you, monitor, validate and secure your entries. It is safe, legal and keeps your personal information confidential. You will see that there are four ways to enter, and you can enter multiple times, as well as daily to increase your chances of winning this seriously sweet prize!

What entry options are available and how much are they worth?

1. Subscribing to our YouTube Channel (Worth 5 Entries)
– Channel Link is youtube.com/user/GESSAVideos
2. Subscribing to our Twitch.TV Channel (Worth 5 Entries)
– Channel Link is twitch.tv/ges_sa
3. Sharing your entry via Twitter (Worth 1 Entry and can be done every day to increase your chances!)
4. Leaving a comment below about who the coolest Guardian is! (Worth 2 Entries)

Good luck to you! We are Groot!

About Mirage

I pretty much started gaming on Famicom! For those who didnt survive the flood on the ark with Noah, this was an 1980's 8-bit console using interchangeable cartridges. (Google it, it will blow your mind!). From there things got a bit more hardcore, and I started playing DOS-Based games, (Again...google is your friend.) and that progressed through Windows 3.1, until the present where I enjoy intense graphics, captivating story-lines, alternate endings and mind-numbing grinds on both PS3 and Windows PC. When I'm not gaming, I am a club DJ that enjoys playing House, Progressive, Trance, Tech and Minimal. I love watching Anime, my favorite shows are Naruto and Bleach. Epic, I know.

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