The Walking Dead Season 05 Episode 03 “Four Walls and a Roof”

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This is a recap/review/discussion post on the latest episode of The Walking Dead so it WILL contain loads of spoilers about the episode. If you haven’t seen this week’s episode yet and you don’t want to read any spoilers I strongly suggest that you skip this post and come back after you’ve seen episode 3 of The Walking Dead Season 5. You’re pre-warned so don’t complain if you read anything that you do not want to know as yet, because that will make you the opposite of Daryl Dixon….Banner

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The Walking Dead Season 05 Episode 03 “Four Walls and a Roof”

“Rick and the group find themselves pitted against some very nasty people, but our group might just have a plan to gain the upper hand.”

Written by: Angela Kang & Corey Reed

Directed by: Jeffrey F. January

Ok so I have to admit it, I was wrong with my speculations last week. Turns out Bob had nothing to do with those markings on the trees. And his weird behavior? He got bitten at the food bank so he knew he was dying. I was so sure I had it all figured out but I guess I will have to pay more attention in the future when I watch the episodes. And I should definitely watch each episode more than once, that’s for sure.

I was thinking that The Hunters and their leader Gareth was going to be the big bad during the first half of the season but they met a grisly demise in Father Gabriel’s church and leaves the door wide open for the other villains from the comic book series to make their appearance. Yet again, I was left wondering about the future of this season. What on earth can the writers of The Walking Dead come up with next that is going to shock and enthrall the viewer’s more than this week’s episode? We’ve now seen how far Rick has gone down the rabbit hole. Is he on the way to become another version of The Governor? I doubt whether he’ll go the way of Gareth, he won’t become a cannibal that’s for sure but killing people in the brutal way they did during ‘Four Walls and a Roof’? That was hectic man. Very hectic and extremely intense. the-walking-dead-episode-503-bob-gilliard-sasha-martin-green-935

I loved the scene where Bob revealed to The Hunters that he was in fact bitten by a walker and they were eating tainted meat. Gareth didn’t really seem fazed by the revelation but the other ex-Termites started puking their lungs out, convinced that they were going to die. I think they were planning all along to leave his body in front of the church as bait but the fact that they couldn’t eat any of his other limbs obviously must’ve sped up this plan. By then the Survivors have realized that three members of the group have gone missing so they were searching for them in the woods. When they found Bob lying at the stairs of the church you could see that a line was drawn in the sand. In fact, in the comic books it was actually during this scene that Rick said those famous words “They’ve got no clue who they’re dealing with” (minus the colorful swearwords of course).the-walking-dead-episode-503-rick-lincoln-935-1

Turns out that Father Gabriel is hiding a horrible secret of his own, but it’s not anything we were expecting. He wasn’t working with The Hunters to trap the Survivors nor was he in on the plan to kidnap Beth. During a harrowing attack by a group of walkers on members of his congregation outside the church, he refused to open the doors for them and every single person got killed. That’s what was haunting him all along, he was responsible for whole families dying outside the church doors and he did nothing to save them. I can only imagine the type of personal hell that he must go through every day.

Whilst the Survivors are plotting revenge on The Hunters Abraham up and decides that it’s time to leave the church and get back on the road to Washington DC. Eugene’s life was in danger and he didn’t want to risk the fate of human kind by attacking the people who maimed and nearly killed Bob. A tense standoff ensues between Rick and Abraham where you can see that there are serious alpha male issues boiling just underneath the surface. In the end Abraham stands down and he agrees to wait 12 hours until its daylight before they go. They managed to fix the church bus and he was going to use it to get back to their original mission: Get Eugene to DC safe and sound. Maggie and Glen decide that they will go with them. Why, I’m not entirely sure of. Surely they’ve seen by now that the group is stronger when they stick together? I almost get that feeling when you’re watching a horror movie, and you see the blonde with big boobs head out into the woods all by herself. You know that she’s not going to make it alive out of the woods again, and it’s the same feeling I’ve got about the Survivors splitting up once again.the-walking-dead-episode-503-bob-gilliard-sasha-martin-green-935-1

The scenes between Sasha and Bob was particularly heart breaking knowing that he was dying. He tried to stay optimistic throughout his ordeal, even saying that Gareth kicking him in the face was a good thing because he forgot about the pain he was feeling in his leg. Luckily the show didn’t focus too much on Bob, the focus was rather on Sasha and how him dying is changing her. She wants to take revenge on the people who did this thing to Bob and Tyreese tries his best to calm her down and talk some reason into her head but she’s adamant she’s going out there with Rick and the crew when they get their plan together.the-walking-dead-episode-503-rick-lincoln-maggie-cohan-935 the-walking-dead-episode-503-rick-linocln-sasha-martin-green-935

We see Rick and his heavily armed crew set off in the direction of the school that The Hunters was holed up in and in an awesomely set-up shot of the woods, you see The Hunters coming out shortly after the Survivors disappear into the woods. They break into the church while Carl, Rosita, Father Gabriel, Tyreese and Baby Judith hides away in the church office, all while Bob lays dying on the couch. Just as they’re about to shoot open the door, Rick and his people returns, shooting two of the Hunters through the head. Gareth immediately surrenders as he can see that they are outnumbered. He tries to reason with Rick by promising that if he lets them go, their paths will never cross again but Rick knows that whoever these people come into contact with will suffer the same fate Bob did. He reminds Gareth of the promise he made to him back in Terminus when Rick was kneeling next to the trough in the slaughterhouse. At the time Rick promised him that he is going to one day kill him with a machete with a red handle that he buried in a duffle bag in the woods and its then that you notice the machete hanging from Rick’s belt.

the-walking-dead-rick-lincoln-935-2What follows is one of the most brutal scenes of human on human violence we’ve seen so far on The Walking Dead. The Hunters are chopped and hit to pieces with blood splatter all over the Survivors and the church. At the end of the scene you can see the Survivors who did not take part in massacre, turning away in horror. It is then that Father Gabriel comes out of the office and he sees what happened. Horrified he screams “This is the house of the Lord!” to which Maggie answers “No, its four walls and a roof”. This cements how far they’ve come from the beginning of the series. Where a church used to be revered for what it stood for, they’ve come to see it as just another building, no hope or sanctuary left inside it anymore. One good thing that came out of all this horror, Michonne got her sword back Woo-hoo!!!!the-walking-dead-episode-503-rick-lincoln-bob-gilliard-935

The final sequence begins with the group saying goodbye to Bob. Bob reminds Rick that he is the good guy; he is the guy who took people in and saved them, as if he’s trying to tell him not to let the recent turn of events define who he is. Something that was also harrowing to see is how casually he’s holding Judith after just committing such heinous acts of horror against The Hunters. In the end, Bob passes away with Sasha sitting next to him and Tyreese ends up being the one who puts a knife through Bob’s temple.the-walking-dead-episode-503-sasha-martin-green-tyreese-coleman-935

The next morning we see Abraham and the rest of the people who is leaving with him get on the bus and he hands Rick a map of the route that they will travelling on. Later when Rick opens the map, you see that Abraham has scribbled a little note to him, apologizing for the crap he put them through earlier and that they should really try and make their way to DC, because the world is going to need Rick Grimes when it got back to normal. I got such feels during this scene, as everybody who reads the comic books knows that Abraham turned out to be Rick’s right hand man and this was a little hint of how that might still be true.

Rick and his crew stayed behind because they were sure that Daryl and Carol will return to the church and they wanted to be there when that happens. Later that night as Michonne was sitting smiling at her sword, she hears something in the woods and she goes to investigate. Daryl comes walking out and Michonne begins smiling and she asks where Carol is. Daryl then turns around and says to someone “Its ok, you can come out” and on that cliffhanger, the screen goes dark.

What does it mean??!! Did he find Beth? Or maybe someone else that we’ve forgotten about? And how soon will we see Abraham and his crew again? Surely they can’t split up for real, can they?? We are left with so many questions yet again and the weeks in between the new episodes are getting longer and longer, I can’t stand the wait anymore….

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