The Walking Dead Season 04 Episode 13 ‘Alone’

Let’s get the SPOILER WARNING out of the way ‘kay?

This is a recap / review /discussion post on the latest episode of The Walking Dead so it WILL contain loads of spoilers about the episode. If you haven’t seen this week’s episode yet and you don’t want to read any spoilers I strongly suggest that you skip this post and come back after you’ve seen episode 13 of The Walking Dead. You’re pre-warned so don’t complain if you read anything that you do not want to know as yet, because that will make you the opposite of Daryl Dixon, who is very awesome….Lets Talk About The Walking Dead

Now, let’s get talking about ….

The Walking Dead Season 04 Episode 13 ‘Alone’

“As one group finds what may be an ideal shelter, another group comes to realize that the best protection comes from those around them”

Written By: Curtis Gwinn
Directed By: Ernest Dickerson

Another character building episode focusing on Daryl and Beth and their struggles to survive, as well as on Maggie, Sasha and Bob’s group. At least it seems like all the survivors are heading out to Terminus and I think that their coming together will be the focus of the last episode, with maybe a cliffhanger introducing the new big-bad for season 05.

The episode opens with Bob walking on his own down a deserted street. It’s a flashback scene, as you soon see Daryl and Glen coming up towards him. They ask him Rick’s three questions to which he gives them satisfactorily answers and they invite him to come back to live with their group. He accepts and he says that he doesn’t have any answers for them.TWD 0413 (2)

In the present day, we find Maggie, Sasha and Bob standing in their prison fighting formation in what seems to be a foggy section of the woods. A walker suddenly attacks Bob and seems to bite him on his shoulder but he shows Sasha that the skin was broken. The small group of survivors manages to fight off the walkers and Sasha and Bob shares a moment when she hugs him out of pure relief that he wasn’t bitten. I have to admit, this scene in the thick fog had me scared to death. A while ago I went zip-lining in foggy forest but let me tell you, now that I’ve seen this scene and how those walkers come out of the mist I will definitely think twice before I do anything in the misty forest again.

Beth and Daryl seem much closer than what we’ve been seeing over the last couple of episodes. I guess that’s what getting drunk and burning a shack down together does for one’s friendship hey? He’s teaching her how to shoot with his crossbow but her lack of skills nearly gets her killed when she’s attacked by the walker they were stalking. She gets caught in a snare and she hurts her ankle. Great, now not only is Daryl stuck with whiny Beth but she can’t walk properly either. Poor Daryl, can’t catch a break in this zombie apocalypse right?TWD 0413 (1)

Sasha, Bob and Maggie seem to disagree on what their plan of action should be. Sasha want to stay put until their visibility clears up but Maggie wants to go on looking for Glen. They too find the sign for Terminus and Maggie decides she wants to go there because Glen will be there and Bob remembers hearing about Terminus on the car radio way back when they went on the run to the vet hospital. Sasha doesn’t want to go but majority rule and they set off to Terminus.TWD 0413 (5)

Beth and Daryl find a graveyard with a neatly maintained house close to it. Inside the house they see that someone has been preparing corpses for burial and Beth thinks this is sweet while Daryl just thinks it to be creepy. They decide they will only take what they need from the well-stocked food cabinet and then they’ll go. They rig an alarm on the front porch and they take the time to relax – Beth is playing on the piano and singing a song while Daryl lies down in an open casket (creepy as hell right?) They hear a noise coming from the porch and Daryl goes out to check whether its walkers or maybe the occupant of the house but instead he finds a one-eyed dog at the front door. Fun fact, in real life, this dog lost his eye whilst he was protecting his owner during a car hijacking. How brave is that??TWD 0413 (3)

Back in the woods, Sasha tries to convince Bob that they need to find somewhere to set-up their own living space because she’s certain that the rest of the prison survivors must be dead by now. Unbeknownst to them, Maggie is listening to their conversation and when they wake up the next morning she’s gone, having left a note in the sand saying ‘Don’t Risk Your Lives 4 Me. Good luck’ Bob is certain that they can catch up with Maggie and reluctantly Sasha joins him. Off on her own, Maggie finds another sign for Terminus and she uses the blood of a walker to write a note for Glen that he should go there as well.TWD 0413 (4)

Unable to sleep that night, Bob asks Sasha why she’s so hesitant to go to Terminus, and whether she’s scared to find out that Tyreese is dead. She doesn’t answer him but I think he’s right. I’m sure to Sasha not knowing is better than knowing for sure that her brother is dead. The next morning they find another blood scrawled note to Glen and when Sasha spots an abandoned warehouse, she tries to convince Bob that they should move in there. He kisses her in an attempt to convince her to stay with him on the trail but she’s not having any of it and he sets of on his own, leaving Sasha to explore the warehouse by herself.TWD 0413 (5)

We find Beth and Daryl sitting down to have dinner when they hear another noise on the porch. Thinking that it’s the dog again, Daryl opens the door, only to find a herd of walkers barging from the outside. He screams at Beth to get out of the house while he tries to take out the walkers by himself. After a few very close calls he also makes out of the house, only to see a car speeding away and Beth’s bag lying in the middle of the road. If you’re a reader of The Walking Dead comics, you’ll now that right about the same time in the comics, the group found Gabriel Stokes, a priest that has been holed up in his church for a couple of months. This takes place during the same time they crossed paths with the Hunters so it would make sense if Gabriel is the guy who is tending to the corpses and giving them proper burials right? But I can’t place why he would want to kidnap Beth? I’m fairly sure that it’s the occupant of the graveyard house who took Beth so let’s see how this pans out.TWD 0413 (10)

Daryl runs after the car but he doesn’t catch up to it and when he reaches a four-way crossing he realizes that she’s gone, he’s got no idea which way the car went. Defeated and dead tired, he falls to ground where he sits until the group of guys who nearly captured Rick back at their house, finds him. A stand-off ensues and eventually they give Daryl a choice – he must either join their group or he’ll be killed by them. He decides to join them. I think he will ditch them at the first chance he gets, because he knows that there’s safety in numbers, something Sasha still needs to learn about.TWD 0413 (8)

She is scoping out the warehouse when she sees Maggie amongst the dead walkers that’s lying in front of the warehouse. She manages to alert a group of walkers to their presence but she can’t find Maggie when she gets downstairs. She’s almost overrun by the small herd when Maggie swoops in with a no-parking sign pole and she takes out the walkers with it. My KILL OF THE WEEK is when she takes off the top half of a walker’s head with the sign. It’s very interesting that they used a NO PARKING signboard, as if to tell the survivors that they must keep moving; don’t stop anywhere, like what Sasha was trying to do. And I also liked that they immediately went into their prison fighting formation, they’re liked a well-trained team at this stage, taking out walkers as they go. Maggie admits that she was waiting for Bob and Sasha and that she needs them, when Sasha tells her that Bob has gone ahead to Terminus. They catch up with him a little while later. Meantime, we see a glimpse of Glenn – he’s looking at a signboard showing the way to Terminus.TWD 0413 (7)

Next week we’ll see more of Tyreese and Carol and their little brood of children and hopefully Rick and Michonne will also make an appearance. I’ve got a feeling we are going to say goodbye to some of these characters by the end of the season. The second half of season 04 has been reminding me of what happened in the first half of season 02. We got to know the survivors during their stay on the farm so when the zombie herd came through at the end of the season; you were on the edge of your seat, and not knowing which of your favorites survived the attack. I think the writers are doing the same thing now, giving us more background about the characters only to kill them off when we finally start to know and like them. Damn you Walking Dead writers!! My heart won’t survive it if you kill off Daryl!!

That’s it for our recap of this week’s episode; hit us up in the comments section for your take on what’s going on with the survivors and what you think is going to happen at Terminus….

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