Volcanoids Review

Volcanoids is a first-person game, survival, base building game that is set in a steampunk universe. You must explore the island and protect your self from danger by using a giant drill vehicle, sounds promising? It kind of is.

The game has a setting that is very interesting, even if graphically the setting isn’t anything you’ll use to benchmark your PC, it is what they do with the setting that enhances the users experience with the game. Volcanoids uses it’s setting to it’s almost full potential, the weapons (although not that fun to handle or sounds great) fits well, you have a vehicle that is a giant ass drill and you fight robots that are all while a looming threat of a giant volcano threatens you with each ticking second.

As mentioned, the gunplay is quite simple and could use improvement, but since the game is in early development in really gives the plays an idea what and exciting project this can become. Even though I am not fond of the idea of an Early Access title being sold this does give you a lot of content to work with, a huge island with many possibilities of misfortune and well, fortune.

There isn’t much of a story, but the story is your own, the story is your adventure, and with that adventure comes base building, or drill base building, need I say more? Yes I will, you have a portable base in a form of a drill that you can build upon to your hearts content which gives you this sense of progression, I must add though I haven’t seemed to find much customization options in the way of colours in such the game still lets you create a giant earth drill worm that I’m sure will make any drill enthusiasts heart glow.


Although Volcanoids has a thick coat of that early access feel to it, it gives a healthy dose of content that is sure to justify it, growing your base and discovering new sights is always a joy and experiencing all this in co-op even makes it better.


  • Base Buildings
  • Steampunk Setting


  • Bland graphics
  • Lacking gunplay


Story - 7
Graphics - 6
Audio - 7
Gameplay - 8
Replayability - 8

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