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This movie was literally made for the fans of Veronica Mars, for those of you who are not familiar with the record breaking KickStarter launch in which producer Rob Thomas toyed with the idea of writing a Veronica Mars movie but before he embarked on this process he wanted to get an understanding if the fans of Veronica Mars were still out there or if they even wanted a movie.

He created a KickStarter account for this project in hopes to rally up some support but what he received was millions of unexpected dollars from fans demanding that he make the movie.

Some of the opportunities the KickStarter contributors received ranged from attending a pre-release private screening in their home town to being on set and in the Veronica Mars movie.

I believe this story in itself is a heartwarming story of fans bring an idea to life. So well done to the fans of Veronica Mars.


After that background into the making of Veronica Mars, for those of you not old enough to be around to watch Veronica Mars the TV series, which was one of those long running and captivating shows about a high school outsider who takes up investigating her friends murder and slowly unravels the mysteries within he home town and the people who run it from the shadows.


Rob Thomas wastes no time in his movie building up characters or plots and jumps right into the Veronica Mars’ Universe as if the show never ended, so it picks up just a few years after Veronica has left her home town for a big city life as a law school graduate trying to run away from her past but is then thrown back in when seeing a news story of a celebrity murder in her home town and that her ex-boyfriend is the main suspect.


She can’t resist but pack up and leave her life in the city to pursue this case and try to solve it. Her father who still runs her family detective agency gets her up to speed with the town’s corrupt background and players in the game. It seems to her that nothing has changed after all these years even the people she knew in high school.

You can expect celebrity gossip, murder and some mystery, but it feels more like a high school reunion than a good murder mystery. Like I said it’s for the fans, basically to see the old characters again and watch Veronica solve another mystery.

As a fan I was sad to see an end to the character Veronica Mars and the TV series, however I feel it had a good place in history and still holds up as one of my favourite shows but this movie comes after such a big absence of the show from screens that is “too little too late” and I don’t think Rob Thomas’s efforts to revive the character or the series worked.

There is not much in this film for someone who has never watched Veronica Mars, as you will be lost.

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