Vampire Academy Review

Vampire Academy is exactly what the title states it’s a school for vampires. It is like Hogwarts meets Twilight in that there is family legacies, love triangles, magic, an ominous evil and mysterious teachers totally and conveniently removed from the real world of Humans.


I personally did not enjoy this movie as this type of storyline and characters have been rehashed over and over again this decade. This movie really comes at the wrong time and don’t think even if it was released at the right time would have been able to compete against Harry Potter or Twilight.


It perplexes me why this movie had a cinema release in South Africa and no gone straight to DVD release as there are no mentionable actors or special effect nor do they have the right level of action. It’s just a typical made for TV supernatural teenage high school drama. I am assuming this movie did not do well when it opened as this story is nothing new.

Basically Vampire Princess Lissa and her half- human bodyguard Rose runs away from their sheltered existence in the St Vladimir’s Academy to live in the real world but then return when exposed by Strigoi (the typical bad vampires) for protection from the academy.


Once in the academy both Rose and Lissa continue their studies in which guardians learn about martial arts and vampires or as they are called Moroi learn about magic in controlling the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

Off course there is typical teenage bullying and drama surrounded by a bigger issue of a mysterious plot to kill Lissa the last heir in her family. Lissa starts discovering a new secret power which has never been used before within the Academy, this then spirals things out of control and Rose must then fight to expose this plot and save Lissa and the Moroi.

Anyone who is seriously into this type of storyline and genre will enjoy this movie but I would say not enough of a plot or engaging characters to keep you watching. Too familiar and predictable, the movie tried to mix too much in it and failed at everything, romance, drama, horror, magic and action. Its neither here nor there and you will be lost.

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