Unboxing & #Review : Game of Thrones Jon Snow Deluxe Figure

GoT Jon Snow (15)
Game of Thrones Jon Snow Deluxe Figure

The bastard son of Ned Stark, Jon was recognized by his father at birth and raised alongside his half brothers and half sisters at Winterfell, where he has always felt like an outsider. He grew up idolizing his father, yearning for the affection and approval Ned was never able to fully give. Jon seems to have found his place in the world with the Night’s Watch, where he has become a natural leader and effective warrior when faced with the dangers beyond the wall.’

Release date : February 2014

Licensed by Dark Horse and HBO Global Licensing

Review sample supplied to us by Critters and Comics. You can find them online at www.crittersandcomics.co.za

 Game of Thrones has become more than just a series of awesome books and a stellar TV show. It’s become such a worldwide phenomenon over the last couple of years and it’s no surprise that HBO in conjunction with Dark Horse, have been working on releasing a range of deluxe figures. Well, these action figures are finally here and the first characters to appear are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.GoT Jon Snow (11)

My first impression of the figure when I got it was that it has an amazing likeness to the Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington. I was also quite impressed with how sturdy the box felt in my hands. This to me is quite important as it means that your figure will reach in mint condition. Often the boxes are made of soft carton and it tends to bend and dent, especially at the corners but this was not the case with the Jon Snow figure. A sharp knife takes care of the cello tape that was taped onto the top flap of the box and I could finally take my figure out the box.GoT Jon Snow (3)

It comes in a plastic packaging that is tied to the cardboard packaging with a wire tie. Be careful when you start to untie it as the bottom part of the plastic packaging comes loose and your figure is only held upright by the wire tie. Once you’ve removed the wire tie you’ll see that the Jon Snow figure almost falls out of the plastic wrapping, so it’s no hassle to get your figure out of the packaging. Don’t you just hate it when you almost have to break your figure in two just to get it out of the packaging?GoT Jon Snow (5) GoT Jon Snow (4)

GoT Jon Snow (6)Jon Snow comes mounted on its own stand which is painted white and light blue, I suppose to resemble the snow in which they battle the King Beyond The Wall. Only when you get the figure out of the packaging do you realize that the face is not that similar to the actor who portrays Jon Snow in the TV show. The overall look of the figure is very similar to the character though so I’m quite happy with that. Once you got your Jon Snow to stand, you can then remove his trusted sword from the packaging and you can insert it into his hand. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get the sword in and once this is done, your assembling of the figure is finished. It’s a non-articulated figure which stands approximately 7.5” high. You can now stand back and enjoy your Jon Snow Deluxe figure and you can start dreaming of when you’ll be buying the rest of the figures in the range. GoT Jon Snow (7)

GoT Jon Snow (10)Also available from Critters and Comics is the Daenerys Targaryen Deluxe figure.GoT Jon Snow (13) GoT Jon Snow (14)

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