Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection Review




George Needleman (Eugene Levy) is an accountant at a reputable firm. He lives in a wealthy suburb with his wife (Denise Richards), his Mother (Doris Roberts) and his two kids. He is a typical working man who is working very hard at his job, so much so that he is neglecting his family more and more. Something happens at his company and he is made to be the fall guy for a money laundering scheme for the mafia. To protect them Joe (Tyler Perry) takes them to his aunt Madea’s house to lay low for a while.



The way that Mr Perry plays the black middle aged woman straight into stereotype is what makes this movie so funny. From the very first time you get to meet Madea, you are immediately thrown into that world where a good laugh is only a few seconds away at any given time. The acting in this movie is quite bad but it doesn’t take you long before you don’t even noticing it anymore. The movie whilst being “old hat” in concept is redone well in this incarnation specifically through the directing and acting of Mr Perry even though this movie was nominated for a razzie award!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good decent laugh. It really is worth the watch!

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