Treehouse DVD Review

The movie is somewhat misleading as a horror flick, in which it does have some elements of horror but focuses more on creating a tense and thrilling atmosphere for the majority of the plot leading up to fast and unfulfilling ending.

In this movie I would give credit to the directors for using less and hinting to what’s coming which would keep viewers intrigued. As the story plays out you never really know what is happening and they give nothing away, you may think its supernatural, creatures or aliens prowling the woods under the treehouse but you never really see anything until the very end.


The movie start off by introducing Elizabeth who comes home to find her brother and dad mysteriously missing, after seeing a note in the fridge saying her Dad had to leave suddenly she is in disbelief when seeing muddy footprints and starts to hear movement in the house. She investigates the noise which eventually leads her outside and into the woods behind her house but she cuts her foot and falls during her pursuit. As she falls her hears the chilling sound of her brothers screams fade into the woods.

As the town plans for a local festival, the story then follows Killian a boy who is the favourite victim of the local school bullies. His school decides to close early and issue a curfew for all the students when stories emerge of 2 local children that have gone missing in the nearby Missouri woods.


Killian and his big brother Crawford decide disobey the town curfew by going into the woods to attend a party with some friends to drink, smoke and light fireworks. While waiting for the others, it starts to get late and the brothers decide to pass time by lighting their fireworks. As the fireworks illuminate the treeline they spot a Treehouse high up in the branches and to kill more boredom, they climb up to investigate.

Upon stumbling around the dark Treehouse they discover the frightened missing girl Elizabeth from the local news, shivering in the corner. Crawford makes Killian wait with her in the treehouse while he goes for help. Killian waits with Elizabeth and soon discovers that they are both trapped up in the treehouse by some unknown entities who are watching them, waiting to attack when they leave.

Killian attempts to contact his brother to warn him over the Walky Talky as well as warning a group of girls whom have arrived for the party. The pair’s failed attempts at getting help or warning others only force them to eventually leave the Treehouse and confront what is prowling around below on the ground.


I would say that there is some merit to the cinematography driving the effect of the story, but its falls victim to its own success in building you up to the point of imaging the worse but disappointed when the reality is exposed in the ending. You never quite know what to expect and the few lines of dialogue don’t really help either which adds to the suspense but not enough for a feature length film.


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