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Transformers Rise of The Dark Spark Review

Star light, Star bright. the first dark spark I see tonight.
Star light, Star bright. the first dark spark I see tonight.

It is said that everything in our universe has an equal and opposite force, the Matrix of Leadership is also subject to this rule. The Dark Spark, an object with such immense power can warp the fabric of space and time and crush those who might stand in the holder’s way. This mysterious and ancient object has now been located on Earth , the seemingly constant battle ground between the forces of good and evil. Both Autobot and Decepticon will do whatever it takes to ensure that they have it in their position. The fight will continue until there is but one ruler.

I'm just Drifting through
I’m just Drifting through

Earth a backwater planet with a long history of violence now hosts a new war and dependent on the outcome will define the future, present and past. You take the roll of Drift during the first orientation. From the get-go you will feel like a hulking robot designed to chew steal and spit nails. After mastering the somewhat new key layout (but not difficult to pick up), you will be whizzing around the screen punching and shooting holes into whatever gets in your way.


The narration is a little basic at times but will feel familiar to those who have watched the cartoon series. The various characters are quite vast and well modeled and can be used during multiplayer matches. There is always something interesting to see on them as a lot of their extremities are often moving, giving the effect that they are indeed living entities. You will not get them immediately, instead you will perform specific task to earn “Gear Boxes”. Think of them as a giant robot lucky packet, you’ll never know what you have until it has been opened.

The Transformers were a big part of my life as a child. I was always fascinated on how these seemingly normal vehicles can turn into such awesome machines of destru… I mean to save the world… Ye lets go with that. Although Transformers Rise of The Dark Spark it has its share of issues there is still a fair amount meat to it. There are one of two issues that could have been addressed however. Firstly some of the battles are inconsistently difficult, one minute you will be rocking a thousand bullets and the next wondering how the heck I just died! Which brings me to my second peeve, ADD A SKIP BUTTON TO CUT SCENES, getting blasted every 5 minutes and having to watch the same scene nearly made me blow a circuit (pun intended).

Although linear and not quite original, I quite enjoyed playing Rise of The Dark Spark and found it rather entertaining. The Graphics do seem a bit dated on the PS3 but still visually appealing. I feel that Transformers was built more for the PS4 than its predecessor as most games are going these days. So I have added a donation button below so I can see my PS3 transform into a new PS4 .

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no comment required

My editor said I had to remove the donation button 

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