Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review

Imagine Jurassic Park but with drones. The island of Auroa, owned by Jace Skell (The owner of Skell Tech) is an island overrun by the arms and corruption of a corporate gone evil. The island was supposed to be a world of innovation and coined “World 2.0” by Jace Skell,…


Story - 85%
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Audio - 81%
Gameplay - 65%
Replayability - 70%
Experience - 50%


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Imagine Jurassic Park but with drones. The island of Auroa, owned by Jace Skell (The owner of Skell Tech) is an island overrun by the arms and corruption of a corporate gone evil. The island was supposed to be a world of innovation and coined “World 2.0” by Jace Skell, this was not the case though. Skell Tech is a major tech weapon producer of the US Government and comes under major investigation and public eyes turn to them when they are thought to have their hands in some corruption and dealings. The Wolves, an ex-US military Spec-ops, take over the island and take hostage employees of Skell Tech. When the island goes offline, the CIA launch a Ghost Recon operation to find out exactly what is going on and take down the Wolves. A throwback to Wildlands sees Anthony “Tony” Perryman aka Nomad, come back into the light as the Military helicopters sent into Auroa are taken down by a mysterious projectile. And so it begins…


Breakpoint reminds me of those intellectuals that overexplain something and go into so much detail that everyone leaves saying “HUH”. The game brings a beautiful island into our views with different environments to concur as well as enemies, giving it that extra touch of change and difference from mission to mission. Here is the thing though, as much variant as there is; it is too much, sometimes taking you a good 10 minutes to reach your objective to actually start the mission. The problem does not lie with the travelling because they put fast travel to points on the map; the problem lies in the “too much of a good thing”. Personally, on open world games I like to roam and take full advantage of the game’s offering, however, I felt myself going mindlessly through missions just because I did not want to trek across the entire map just to go through an entire mission to find 1 blue print. The story became mechanical and I lost that entire “oh look a butterfly” side mission journey that makes playing the game worth the time.


When it came to the actual gameplay, I was extremely surprised at how much fun I had running through missions due to the playstyles of each mission. Playing at a higher difficulty turned up the importance of each encounter with the Wolves. Strategically planning an entry point and who to take down first, how to stay out of sight of automated turrets and watch-drones made for exciting time spent during the missions. The ease of the controls with the keyboard is something you don’t see very often on PC, easy to learn and quick to engage. The efforts put into the objectives made it an amazing experience, with the thinking factor of the game turned up to max I felt myself engrossed in missions.


If you played Wildlands, you’ll know the general foundation of Breakpoint. In fairness, it’s a follow up title with links between the two. However, the same way wildlands felt and came across when it came out is the same way Breakpoint feels at this point. The title feels unfinished and not polished enough to call itself a AAA title. Wildlands did eventually see major updates some out that made it a lot smoother and more fun for the masses, which saw it draw a large fan base. The issue I faced with Breakpoint was the great number of issues I came across and the raw interactions I seemed to bump into. Visually I did not encounter many glitches or bugs but boy did I struggle with simple things like the camera getting stuck between taking cover or the character model clipped when I transition from cover to cover indoors. There was one point where I was laying on a rock to snipe into a camp and every time I went ADS the character model went full scorpion fit mode and start convulsing. A lot of these issues made me feel like the game was rushed and was not played through enough during the BETA phase. Perhaps the vast space and interactions makes it near impossible to get these kinds of things right and UBISOFT is relying on us to report back these issues, but then again I ask, why was the BETA not lengthened for this?


In a world where Jon Bernthal is your antagonist, you would think “boring” would be the last thing someone says about this story. Well, you think right. The story is somewhat exciting and a little predictable on my end but that might be me. Learning your link to the now leader of the “bad guys” is an awesome experience in itself, but figuring out why and what is happening takes a backseat to this (Which I think was a smart move). Creating that personal character development and interaction creates a broken bind that is difficult to explain. The story is told well and characters are portrayed with great voice work and some awesome amazing writing. The main issue is the NOC side of the game; I felt like I was shooting walking scarecrows, mindless sacks of meat that were nothing but targets to slow down your mission. It was so bad at one point I restarted the game and turned up the difficulty to maximum so that I could get the best experience! Getting one shot by a screaming sack of meat was better than being stealthy just to shoot a mindless goof in the back of the head.


The title seems thrive in the co-op function and cannot be stopped when you and your mates are sneaking around communicating your movements and actions in discord. The fun can be had with this, especially when you play like a spec ops team, making calls out and distracting the enemies together (like Wildlands before). Jumping into the PVP side of games usually comes to me quite naturally but I found myself not really worrying about that side of the game quite yet and only jumped in for a few rounds just to unlock my items and achievements from this. The PVP section is quite fast paced compared to the main game and the play styles needs to switch drastically if you’re a stealthier play like myself. I did have lots of fun but I would not say that this is even the 3rd or 4th strongest point about this game.


In all honesty, I believe in this game and the Ghost Recon titles has a whole, I trust in the developers and the studio to add more to this game like they did to Wildlands. With character customization and the level of skill tree progression, insane objective boards and crafting mechanics the game sure has potential to become one the other greatest objective based looter shooter out there in my opinion, if they devs choose to lead it that route. I say grab it if you’re a Recon fan, try it and if you don’t like it follow the patches until you see the changes you want because trust me they will come.





R799 – R1069

PS4, XBOX, PC And Stadia (Soon)

05 October

Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft

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