The Walking Vegetables Review

Get ready for an apocalypse, not your everyday ‘zombies are going to eat your brain’ type apocalypse but one in which you will be fighting off hordes of vicious mutant vegetables.

Yeah, I said vegetables, this time you’re not going to be told to “Eat your vegetables!” because they are going to eat you!

Upon opening the game I was hit with a Hotline Miami type of vibe, with visuals and music representing “Vaporwave”. The game just feels like you are in the midst of the 70’s or 80’s. This upbeat, rapid paced game is sure to get you and your friends inside and away from the sun. Remember, the sun is a deadly laser. This is a classic retro style action shooter with an aesthetically pleasing “Vaporwave” style to it. This game you throws you right into to the action. You start in a police station with nothing but a pistol and a cup of coffee, although once you speak with your chief you find that walking vegetables and fruit have come about and they are hungry, some might say for some revenge on all those vegans. The first objective given to you is to clear up a few areas of these mutant vegetables in order to get a “Skull Key” which unlocks the door to the first boss area.

A variety of weapons are available for you to make that veggie smoothie you crave so bad, blow up some mutant veggies by using grenades or shoot them with your alien SMG, your choice! If you are a completionist you are going to have a tough time, some unlock-able and achievements are absurdly challenging. Although I did find myself captured by the difficulty of this game, not only are hordes of hungry vegetables after you but if you get hit four times you die (with the exception of health drops). The game throws you back to beginning if you fail, so you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time. I myself could not make it past “Part 2”.

The game kept pulling me back in order to try out a new strategy and finally shoot my way through the game. It has a vast selection of mutant veggies, some with their own unique abilities, such as having a gun or being really fast. These mutant fruits and veggies come randomly, you never know if you should expect to be fighting off a grape or being run at by an orange slice. When they come is randomized, along with the level design and end bosses.

If you are like me and are looking for a real challenge, I would personally say, give this game a try. It has a good replay ability factor to it due to the unlock-able skills and achievements, which brings about a new challenge with each one. You might have to finish the game without switching weapons, not even once. The skill tree is a basic one, but with its rage-level difficultly, it almost seems impossible. The game includes couch co-op and that personally is an awesome feature I often look for in games.

Overall I would say this game is a frustrating yet fun experience, whether you are with a friend or you or trying to fly solo, this game delivers a unique “Veggie-Zombie Mayhem” experience. It will keep you coming back to it for the sake of unlocking everything, and trying to complete all of its challenges.


  • Audio and Music
  • Couch Co-Op
  • Rapid Pace Gameplay


  • Hotline Miami Copy-Paste


Story - 2.9
Graphics - 6
Audio - 8.1
Gameplay - 8
Replayability - 8.9

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