The Trek To Comic Con Africa – Update

Unless you have been living under a rock, you ought to know that  Comic Con Africa is almost upon us!

There are under 100 days to go and everyone has had their feeds flooded with piece-meal information with the road map to Comic Con Africa.

We thought we would help streamline the process with a recap of whats been happening!


We have learnt that the general access tickets are all but sold out.

As it stands tickets are available via Computicket and are selling out fast!

At the time of writing, it is confirmed that there will NOT be any further ticket releases once the general access tickets are sold out.

We are fairly certain that there will be a few scalpers with tickets at ridiculously inflated process closer to the time – but that would be valuable spending money wasted.

In summary – if you Don’t Have a ticket – finish reading this article and get along with it!

Buy the tickets – DO THE THING!


We have heard that many fans are holding over on purchasing tickets since they would like to learn more about the so called “VIP Tickets”.

Here’s what you need to know:


Instead, you will have the opportunity to purchase add-on passes to upgrade the general access tickets.

These upgrades will include (among others)  VIP access to certain areas; entrance to specific panels, meet and greet / autograph sessions and scheduled photo opportunities with guests.

If you don’t have a general access ticket – well I’m afraid that you will be left out in the cold lamenting over how you lost out on the opportunity to attend the first ever Comic Con Africa event.

(P.S – That was us advising you to read this article a little faster and go grab those tickets!)

Details of the upgrade packages and options will be made available closer to the show date so be sure to keep up to date with developments by following us on Social Media.


Comic Con Africa 2018 is likely to be the biggest event on the geek calendar with thousands of guests expected to rock up on each day.

This will also be the first Comic Con experience for the majority of guests so things are going to be a little crazy.

As a result, The Comic Con Africa Team are currently accepting applications from eligible persons to be volunteers at the event.

Full details and the application form can be found here.

Just remember, you need to be 18 years or older with a mild mannered temperament as a base line.

In other words we are looking for Captain Americas and Clark Kents.

No Wolverines or Hulks.



(Note: The blurb below is a Rant by the writer and not necessarily the official view of

So you probably would have noticed that Comic Con Africa (and all their media partners) are releasing the celebrity guest list in a staggered manner.

So far we know that we will be spending time with Jason Momoa, Rick Worthy & Kevin Sussman with more announcements due in the coming months.

Now sadly we (read as I, as in DarthZadyBun) have noticed a trend of trolling in this regard; which is frankly a little disappointing…

I have read everything from “Oh No. why are they not telling us about all the guests” to “Oh No, I am not going to meet Penny.”

Guys, aside from the legal implications (heard of a non-disclosure agreement bruh?) and the sheer logistic nightmare it must be to co-ordinate the first ever event of it’s kind and ensure compliance and adherance with (and to) the international standards and guidelines governing this event I think the rest of us can afford to take it easy and trust that the organisers have a lot more riding on the event being the very best it can be than we do and wait for the full list.

To those Randela-pinchers who claim that they aren’t sure if the ticket and their attendance is worth their spend, this one is for you:

The ticket price for a day is less than the price of a date for two at the movies right now (Yes – I still pay for the pop-corn combo for my dates because my Mumma raised a gentleman!). I am not able to understand how attending what is going to be a moment in South African Geek History isn’t worth the spend.

Anyway, having met the organising team (and having spent a day with them at their offices – video coming soon btw) I can assure you that they have experience with organising Comic Con Events all over the world and have it under control for South Africa.

I can also tell you that the “official” unofficial statement from the organisers is that the guest list will continue to be released on a fortnightly basis, with announcements becoming more frequent in the run up to the event.

Announcements will also be made as soon as legally possible, so the continued patience of fan is appreciated

Rant Over – back to our usual programming.


Reed Exhibitions South Africa have confirmed that there will be frequent updates on social media and the Comic Con Africa website with further details about the event.

To make life a little easier GES will provide regular round-ups of the announcements so by the time Comic Con Africa comes around you will have an up to date listing of all the awesome details and fun things scheduled.

In addition, I  will be creating exclusive video content, checklists and a series of “How to” guides from time to time to make your Comic Con Africa experience one for the books!


Have a question or two you would like us to answer?
Have suggestions for reviews/ features you would like us to investigate?

Feel free to hit us up and let’s get the dialogue going!

In the meanwhile, and for more great content  be sure to follow  Zaid “DarthZadyBun” Motala on his Social Media platforms as listed below.



Everything you need to know about the biggest thing to hit Africa:

(This list is incomplete and will be updated in later articles as more information becomes available .)

DATE: 14 – 16 September 2018

VENUE: Kyalami Grand Prix

ADD-ONS AVAILABLE: Yes, details will follow shortly in respect of VIP upgrades, Photo Sessions and Autograph sessions.
DESCRIPTION: Seriously? You have to ask?

Reed Exhibitions Africa and ReedPOP, the world’s largest producer of pop culture events, in partnership with VS Gaming, South Africa’s largest independent gaming brand and the leading platform for online gaming in Africa, will be bringing Comic Con to the African Continent from 14 – 16 September 2018.

Comic Con Africa is a 3 day event showcasing comic books and science fiction/fantasy related film, television, and similar popular arts.  The exhibition will also feature a larger range of pop culture and entertainment elements across virtually all genres, including horror, animation, anime, manga, toys, gadgets, clothing, collectible card games, video games, webcomics, and fantasy novels.


  • Jason Momoa
  • Rick Worthy
  • Kevin Sussman


  • TBA


  • TBA

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