The Invisible Hand Review

Congratulations, you have finally found the job you have been interested in since you were a kid. You start as a mid-level stockbroker and work your way up the ranks in this first-person simulation game, and the only way to do that is to make a profit by any means necessary.

Your close friends managed to get you into the FERIOS firm as a stockbroker and helps you with little tips and tricks to climb the ranks, but even with these tricks, the market is ever-changing, try and find out which sources are more reliable and more followed by the world to gain the most out of your investments.

You do not start with a congratulations and welcome to the company, Power Struggle Games ensured to give the game a realistic feel, so you sit through an exam first, failing the exam means the end of the game even before it properly started, however, once you passed the test you are set on a 4 day probation period and have to constantly fight for promotions or you will end up being fired due to being outperformed.

This game is even more realistic with the way the employees talk to one another, rivals will always try and scare you off, and your boss is not a person you would want to make angry at any cost, of course, we all know there are ways to influence the market, just ensure that no one becomes suspicious or you will be arrested and have to sit in a court case to try and prove yourself innocent even though all the evidence suggests otherwise.

Final Thought: The devs did a great job with the realistic factor with how the real-life workplace can become, constantly under pressure to perform and make investments that would benefit the company and reward you in the process. The game also rewards attention to detail and concentration on any form of information, a unique game with a different approach that I appreciated.


  • Constantly being challenged with the ever changing market
  • Addictive once you get used to the mechanics of the game
  • Characters reactions and speech are realistic


  • Some might feel the graphics could have been made better
  • With so much happening on the screens some might prefer having audio dialogs to listen to the news instead of reading and monitoring their screens


Story - 6.6
Graphics - 6.2
Audio - 5.8
Gameplay - 8.6
Replayability - 9.1
Lover of MOBAs and FPS type games, very competitive type player who enjoys games that also has some complexity added to them, would spend hours on end farming on a game such as Warframe, BDO, Elite Dangerous or any other game in that line.

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