Tamarin Review

Tamarin is a 3rd person action game where you play as probably the worlds cutest monkey to save his village from evil insects using weaponry, platforming, and the power of cuteness. The game tries to do a lot but feels very underdeveloped and could have spent more time in the oven and the technical issues did not help much at all.

The game starts off with your village being destroyed by evil ants and now you are the lone survivor that must take revenge and save the village from the evil insects, primarily ants. After this cutscene is done it became very evident as to how unpolished the game is, the looks good if it not where for that fact that it renders at a much lower resolution that what my 1080p monitor is, I can sit a full 2 meters  away from the screen and everything still looks blurry, but still behind that I could see that there are graphics. I know why they decided to do the because the performance, even with the resolution set so low was very sub-par. Another issue I found with the visuals is that nothing felt cohesive, every level felt like I was in a different game, even the mechanics.

Talking about the mechanics everything felt underdeveloped as if though I am playing an early access version of every main mechanic in the game, the shooting, although fun at times feels sluggish, the platforming feels bare minimum. You are a monkey and there is not parkour or grab type of mechanic, feels like they made the mechanics and then decided to make it cute, again the game does not meld together well. The game should have focused more on the monkey and jumping around aspect and not on the shooting aspect. The instructions in each level are also unclear as to what or how I must complete a task.

The Verdict

Although the game does have spirts of fun, it just doesn’t come together as a cohesive experience and everything feels like a work in progress, and even though the graphics may look good it is hidden behind the low resolution. I would not recommend this title


  • Cute
  • Pleasing Esthetic


  • Underdeveloped
  • Poor Performance


Story - 6
Graphics - 6
Audio - 7
Gameplay - 5
Replayability - 4

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