Tales from the Borderlands – Steam 2021 Review

After being kidnapped by what seems to be a Bandit with higher intellect then your average Pandora Bandit, he forces you to tell what happened from the beginning up until he captured you, you then tell him not just the story from a single person, but both characters you play as being Fiona and Rhys where you tell him the stories from the deal that ended up going south which lead up to the two of you meeting each other and the struggles you had to go through to get to where you are now, initially it gives off the idea that Rhys and Fiona can’t stand each other, but from the options, reactions and decisions you make it changes not just your relationship with each other, but with every person involved.

During all the chaos and string of bad luck you undergo with Fiona and Rhys, you end up not only working with vault hunters or being hunted by them, but the one and only Handsome Jack is stuck in Rhys’ head and you could opt for options where you could help you and your “crew”, not always the best decision as he can become reckless and create chaos.

The story in the 5 episodes which flows into each other isn’t just captivating but entertaining as well and you start to fully understand and feel like you are becoming one with the main characters as if you are in their shoes in those situations, you might not have claptrap accompanying you but you do have loader bot which also has his sense of humour.

Through your travels, you do discover a relic that ended up being another robot that can track Vaults for you, which did end up putting a BIG target on your backs.

Final Thought: Although it felt strange not having everyone’s favourite robot accompanying you in this game the game still has that classical Borderlands feeling with an entertaining storyline, however, I doubt a lot of players would find this a game one can play over and over again.


  • Captivating story
  • Classic Borderlands Look and Vibe


  • The option might not have the outcome you expected
  • Some might not feel this is a game to continue playing after its finished


Story - 9.4
Graphics - 8.5
Audio - 8.8
Gameplay - 8.1
Replayability - 6.7
Lover of MOBAs and FPS type games, very competitive type player who enjoys games that also has some complexity added to them, would spend hours on end farming on a game such as Warframe, BDO, Elite Dangerous or any other game in that line.

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