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Cute Things Dying Violently | “Let’s Play” Review

ntroducing Cute Things Die Violently! The game where cute things die ... violently! This indie game was created by ApathyWorks, headed up by a developer named Alex Jordan. The goal of the game is as follows: fling these adorable little creatures to a… Cute Things Dying Violently | “Let’s Play” ...

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Subaeria “Let’s Play” Review

elcome to Subaeria! A futuristic city ruled by technology and robots named Cleaners, who enforce it's law. Developed by Illogika, using the Unity engine, this intense top-down action puzzle indie game forces players to use their wits. You take control of an outcast… Subaeria “Let’s Play” Review Subaeria “Let’s Play” ...

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Brigador “Let’s Play” Review

rigador is an isometric real-time tactical game, and was developed by a four-man studio named Stellar Jockeys. I don't very often see isometric games anymore. The view-point from these games are rotated slightly to reveal other details of the game's environment, in comparison… Brigador “Let’s Play” Review Brigador “Let’s Play” ...

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Euclidean “Let’s Play” Review

Euclidean Header

ntroducing Euclidean, a game of geometric horror, developed by Alpha Wave Entertainment, a futuristic game development team who are a division of AAD Productions, that "explores the possibilities of small-scale, experimental games with an emphasis on never-before-seen VR gameplay". Join me in my… Euclidean “Let’s Play” Review Euclidean “Let’s Play” ...

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Airscape: The Fall of Gravity “Lets Play” Review

ntroducing our very first (of many) "Let's Play" or "Let's show you" video reviews. The epic subject matter is an awesomely squishy little title called Airscape. This title goes beyond the scope of a regular platformer, and not only puts your orientation to… Airscape: The Fall of Gravity “Lets Play” ...

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