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Sneak Peak to Dungeon Brah

We were invited to test out the current state of Dungeon Brah and there is no simple way to put this… It was absolutely phenomenal. One can see that from the Art and comical Names on the Cards Dungeon Brah and Boet Fighter were born from the same creative mind – Louis Du Pisani.

The initial idea of Dungeon Brah was to make a card game that would be played during a braai/drinking session and with the idea behind the game being simple enough to explain to a drunk oak within 5 minutes, how much did they succeed in this? If you are familiar with similar games, it is a possibility.

The simple yet entertaining game up to this stage involves having 2 heroes, equipping them with weapons and enchantments to fight Kevin and his minions, once a weapon is used it gets destroyed. If you cannot defeat a monster you lose, the goal of the game is to either obtain 4 loot or be the last man standing to win.

The initial impression we had was completely off, we expected another Fourways/Boksburg Presley’s vibes from the cards and having chance cards involving possibly our lovely Taxi community that makes a “Shot’left” in the middle of the highway causing you to miss a turn on something in that line, but the game was actually dungeon-based where you and your brah’s walk into hoping to get the treasure or just to simply survive.

From talking with the creator on the progress of the game, one can hear that there is not just a lot of effort into making the game simple to understand yet entertainable but also that they have turned this from a possibly quick game of 5 minutes (if you draw Kevin too early) to a less chance-based game by allowing cards that must be drawn before Kevin enters the deck. Further from this the game was initially similar to Uno where it destroys friendships more than anything else, the Devs decided that this is not what they wanted in this game, how the game is currently structured and feels like is that it can either be played as a chilled game or channel that inner Yu Gi Oh and pull off these crazy combo’s, but in the end, you find yourself helping your brah’s till the moment you see someone is about to win the game, then you are not that friendly anymore.

Dungeon Brah is currently what is more commonly known to gamers as in the “beta phase” meaning that the majority of the game has already been developed and has a solid foundation to build on, but not yet finished, there will still be a couple of tests and changes before the release of course, but this is a card game I would definitely purchase to play sober or drunk.

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