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Cute Things Dying Violently | “Let’s Play” Review

ntroducing Cute Things Die Violently! The game where cute things die ... violently! This indie game was created by ApathyWorks, headed up by a developer named Alex Jordan. The goal of the game is as follows: fling these adorable little creatures to a… Cute Things Dying Violently | “Let’s Play” ...

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Subaeria “Let’s Play” Review

elcome to Subaeria! A futuristic city ruled by technology and robots named Cleaners, who enforce it's law. Developed by Illogika, using the Unity engine, this intense top-down action puzzle indie game forces players to use their wits. You take control of an outcast… Subaeria “Let’s Play” Review Subaeria “Let’s Play” ...

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Brigador “Let’s Play” Review

rigador is an isometric real-time tactical game, and was developed by a four-man studio named Stellar Jockeys. I don't very often see isometric games anymore. The view-point from these games are rotated slightly to reveal other details of the game's environment, in comparison… Brigador “Let’s Play” Review Brigador “Let’s Play” ...

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