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Comic Con Africa 2022 Championship of Cosplay – Winners

After 8 months of planning, blood sweat and tears, The Annual Championship of Cosplay held at Comic Con Africa has come to a close. With a total of 59 contestants, spread over the novice, intermediate and masters levels, all of whom looked stunning and gave it their all and should be proud of themselves and what they achieved as it takes great courage to enter into a competition of this size. Pre-judging for the competition took place across the Thursday and Friday of Comic Con Africa where the judges got a chance to look at the contestants’ cosplay up close allowing them to see all the details and allowed the contestants to explain to the judges how they made their cosplay and what techniques they used, it is also during this pre-judging that the masters’ contestants are not only judged by the local judges but by the international cosplay guest. Where Taryn Cosplay joined in the masters judging on Thursday and Leon Chiro and Elizabeth Rage joined in on the masters judging on Friday. After all the pre-judging took place, 26 contestants were selected by the judges to move onto the finals where they were then judged on their stage presentation and how well they can be in character! After all the contestants did their stage walk the judges selected the winners.

What makes this competition different is that the Champion of Cosplay gets to go and compete on the global stage at MCM London Comic Con against other talented cosplayers across the world, in the World Championship. Africa has so far sent two Champions to take part the in the Crown the first being Kinpatsu Cosplay with her Sister of Battle cosplay where she came 2nd overall and our second Champion being Jinxie Cosplay with her Priestess Bathory, where she took 1st making her the current Crowned Champion of Cosplay. This puts extra pressure on Africa’s next Champion to keep up the winning streak!

This year the judges were blown away with all of our local talent and are excited to see how the community is going to keep growing in the future! So without further ado here are Comic Con Africa’s 2022 Championship of Cosplay Winners!

African Champion of Cosplay – Ludus Cosplay as Aratak – Chieftain of the Banuk Tribe from Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (Africa’s First Male Champion and the Comic Con Cape Town Regional Champion of Cosplay)
Masters Champion – BlueCat Cosplay as Yennefer of Vengerberg from The Witcher Series (Hannah Alexander Design) (She won the Champion of Needlework title at Comic Con Africa 2019)
Construction Champion – AhtohCos as Baine Bloodhoof from World of Warcraft (This was his second ever cosplay and competition, he placed 3rd in Armour at Comic Con Africa 2019 with his first ever cosplay)
Armour Champion – Toonibug as Wonder Women from DC Comics (Royy_Ledger Design) (The artist himself consulted her on the construction of this cosplay)
2nd Place Armour – Artaxer as Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia (This was his first ever cosplay)
3rd Place Armour – Nico as Griselbrand from Magic: The Gathering (This was his first GES Competition)
Champion of Needlework – Annakapat as Mollymauk Tealeaf from Critical Role Campaign 2
2nd Place Needlework – Jordan Fur-rie as Kassandra (OC) (This is her second ever cosplay)
3rd Place Needlework – Jeezz_Louise as Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series
Judges Favourite – FrostyKitty Cosplay as Gorou from Genshin Impact
Best Newcomer – Chkombi as Neytiri from Avatar
Most Creative Techniques – Just Plain Cal as The Bone Armour set from Monster Hunter World
Best Prop – MonlyFans as Shoretrooper Grunt from Star Wars
Best Wig – Ruthie_Music as Rapunzel from Tangled
Green Leaf (Best use of recycled materials and upcycling) – Isola as Nobushi from For Honour

 Thank you to all who competed and supported this year’s competition! We can wait to see all your cosplays at the next one!
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Doritos® Crunch Cup Announced by Comic Con Africa and Doritos®

Doritos® and Comic Con Africa have just announced the Doritos® Crunch Cup, a series of online tournaments with registrations opening on Monday, 11 April 2022.

As Doritos®’ debut in the gaming and esports space in South Africa – the Doritos® Crunch Cup, powered by Comic Con Africa, launches with a Fortnite tournament boasting a R45 000 prize pool up for grabs for participants, as well as weekly watch and win prizes for spectators.

– Tournament #1 – Solo with R10 000 cash prize pool

– Tournament #2 – Duos with R15 000 cash prize pool

– Tournament #3 – Trios with R20 000 cash prize pool

Comic Con Africa’s show director, Carla Massmann, said “With Doritos® already holding such an ingrained place in pop-culture and gaming culture, Comic Con Africa is proud to power the Doritos® Crunch Cup. This is something that our gaming community will really appreciate. Comic Con Africa is home to some of the largest esports and gaming festivities in the country, and welcoming Doritos® into that ecosystem is thrilling.”

Doritos® has been in the South African market for 20 years now, and this partnership with Comic Con Africa will further highlight the brand as a snack of choice for gamers, as enjoyed by their counterparts across the world.

Doritos® is the number 1 Coolest Snack brand in South Africa, the title remarkably held over the past decade as voted by the Sunday Times Gen Next Awards, with consumers including gamers highlighting the relevance that the brand has, through it’s crunchy and intensely flavoured corn chips.

“Doritos® exists to Ignite Bold Self Expression because we believe the Boldest thing you can be is Yourself. Doritos® is a brand for anyone who has boldness within them. Doritos® encourages people to feel and live boldly — to shake off the fear of judgment and to be themselves in all of their awesome, ever-changing glory – a purpose that resonates with our consumers across the world,” said Maxwell Kungwimba, Senior Brand Manager for Doritos SA.

Registration for the inaugural Doritos® Crunch Cup Fortnite Tournament officially open on Monday, 11 April 2022 and players wanting to participate can pre-register here Massmann added that players should act fast as spots are limited.

The Doritos® Crunch Cup will feature three tournaments, all hosted online. Daily updates on qualifiers will be provided on Comic Con Africa’s social channels, with the semi-finals and finals of each tournament being broadcasted LIVE to Comic Con Africa’s Twitch channel

Spectators and fans can expect intense, nail biting and clutch moments throughout the live broadcast as well as a chance to win some exclusive prizes. Be sure to tune in for the pre-tournament broadcast for the full run down and details on Friday, 29 April 2022 at 5pm on Comic Con Africa’s Twitch channel.

The schedules for the tournaments are as follows;

SOLO TOURNAMENT – R10 000 cash prize pool

Monday 2 May: Solo Qualifier 1

Tuesday 3 May: Solo Qualifier 2

Wednesday 4 May: Solo Qualifier 3

Thursday 5 May: Solo Qualifier 4

Friday 6 May: Solo Semi Finals 1 – Live broadcast on Comic Con Africa Twitch channel from 5pm

Saturday 7 May: Solo Semi Finals 2 – Live broadcast on Comic Con Africa Twitch channel from 5pm

Sunday 8 May: Solo Grand Finals – Live broadcast on Comic Con Africa Twitch channel from 3pm

DUOS TOURNAMENT – R15 000 cash prize pool

Monday 9 May: Duo Qualifier 1

Tuesday 10 May: Duo Qualifier 2

Wednesday 11 May: Duo Qualifier 3

Thursday 12 May: Duo Qualifier 4

Friday 13 May: Duo Semi Finals 1 – Live broadcast on Comic Con Africa Twitch channel from 5pm

Saturday 14 May: Duo Semi Finals 2 – Live broadcast on Comic Con Africa Twitch channel from 5pm

Sunday 15 May: Duo Grand Finals – Live broadcast on Comic Con Africa Twitch channel from 3pm

TRIOS TOURNAMENT – R20 000 cash prize pool

Monday 16 May: Trio Qualifier 1

Tuesday 17 May: Trio Qualifier 2

Wednesday 18 May: Trio Qualifier 3

Thursday 19 May: Trio Qualifier 4

Friday 20 May: Trio Semi Finals 1 – Live broadcast on Comic Con Africa Twitch channel from 5pm

Saturday 21 May: Trio Semi Finals 2 – Live broadcast on Comic Con Africa Twitch channel from 5pm

Sunday 22 May: Trio Grand Finals – Live broadcast on Comic Con Africa Twitch channel from 3pm 

For the latest news and updates for the Doritos® Crunch Cup powered by Comic Con Africa follow:







For the latest Doritos SA updates and news:




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Comic Con Africa Championship of Cosplay 2022 Entries are open!

THIS IS HAPPENING! 😱😱 From today you can apply to compete in the Comic Con Africa Championship of Cosplay here: 👑👑

The Champions of Cosplay is the main cosplay competition that takes place annually at Comic Con Africa. There are two other competitions taking place daily: Kidscon Casual Cosplay Competition and Comic Con Africa casual Cosplay Competition.
The first Comic Con Africa Championship of Cosplay took place in 2018 where Kinpatsu Cosplay took the title with her Sister of Battle, in 2019 Jinxie Cosplay won with her Bathory Blood Priestess, and then in 2020 Jessie Jestar won the online Competition with her Sister of Battle.

What makes the Comic Con Africa Championship of Cosplay such a unique competition is that the winner gets to represent Africa at the Cosplay Central Crown Championships of Cosplay where they compete against other top cosplayers from across the world. Kinpatsu Cosplay represented Africa at C2E2 in 2019 and come 2nd overall. In 2020 Jinxie Cosplay represented Africa at C2E2 and came 1st overall winning the title Crown Champion of Cosplay.

This year’s winner will represent Africa at MCM London Comic Con 2021 in the Cosplay Central Crown Championship of Cosplay. The winner will receive sponsored flights and accommodation from Comic Con Africa and go straight into the finals at MCM London and will compete against other top cosplayers from across the world.

Entry forms:
Rule Book:


Netsurit creates a gaming event for their employees – Netsurit LAN Jam 2020

It’s great to see that company do look after staff and Netsurit definitely lives up to one of its core values of Family. Netsurit decided to hold a gaming event for their staff and instead of just doing a normal LAN, they actually created a mini expo.

The gaming event, called Netsurit LAN Jam, is the first and hopefully many more will still come in the future. Leon de Bruin, the Client Services Manager, along with a team of other staff took up the mantle to create this event. The team consisted of Akash Munsaur, Paul Grobler, Peter Ewang, Kyle Swanepoel, Dennis Moore, Kyle Osler and Shaun Davis. They utilized their partnership with some clients to be able to setup a wonderful event.

Gamefinity the distributor of PlayStation in South Africa along with Koodoo came on board and provided 9 PS4 units for the event for tournaments and some freeplay areas. There was a ton of game available and the PSVR with Beat Saber was especially a hit. The tournaments consisted of FIFA, Gran Tourismo and Mortal Kombat.

Reed Exhibitions with their Reed POP team brought some of the Comic Con Africa and Comic Con Cape Town team to talk to people about these awesome events. Cat’s Tail Cosplay was there as well to expose the people to what Cosplay is and also have some fun with everyone.

BlackChef food truck was there as well, providing food to the people who were starving for some great food and they also got engaged to the rest of the event.

The people who attended the LAN has great fun with COD Warzone released as a free to play game just the week before the event. Sades South Africa was there as well to join in and sponsored some great prizes for the LAN tournament.

The video above was created by one of the staff members of Netsurit, Mlingo Thangelane and his team at Snap Jozi. They did an Amazing job putting this together and it captures the magic that this event created.

The first Netsurit LAN Jam was an incredible event and hopefully we will see more to come. If you want to find out more about Netsurit and what they do and offer just follow the links below:

Netsurit Website
Netsurit YouTube
Netsurit FaceBook

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