League of Legends


T1 vs DWG

T1 vs DWG, is easily the most anticipated match in the LCK
Faker vs Showmaker, or that is what the majority of the fans expected, especially with both teams having newbies we all expected the mid laners to be the difference.
After a hard-fought 1st match going to 60 minutes and Canyon stealing the Elder Drake sealing the fate of T1 and confirming their loss. T1 did not take this lightly as Keria got a Thresh in the 2nd game, and it was a horror show, along with Faker on a Vex diving Showmaker under his tower and stomping DWG in game 2.
During game 3 there was a lot of odd/old meta picks like a Renekton mid, and this looked like it might go DWG’s way and take the match 2-1, but Faker having Le Blanc Outwitted the opponent and outplaying them in ways we could only imagine of doing, after 22 minutes DWG got greedy and dived too far to try and finished the game, allowing T1 to take over the game and win the series 2-1
T1 is currently still undefeated this season will Hanwha Life be able to take them down, or would the next titan of the LCK be able to give T1 their Final Defeat when GenG faces T1 on the 12th of Feb 2022

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