Sword Art Online Season 1 Review


Thousands trapped, only he can free them. But he’ll have to risk his life by doing so. In the near future, a virtual reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game,called Sword Art Online has been released where players control their avatars with their bodies using a piece of technology called Nerve Gear. The story starts off with Kirito a solo game tester who runs into a new player called Klein. After Klein begs Kirito to show him how the game works, Kirito agrees to help him out. As they call it a day of playing, they discover the logout menu is missing, Kirito and Klein are suddenly teleported to the main city square, along with all the other online players. There everyone is confronted by the game’s creator as he clarifies the extreme scenario that faces everyone, the only way to leave is that they must complete the game and defeat the very last boss on the 100th floor of the game. But there is a catch, if players die in the game,they die in real life, this information throws everyone into a freak panic. Kirito tries to get a grip on the situation and regain his composure. He is more than determine to survive and bet the game. But as he is yet to discover, this is only the start of his journey throughout Sword Art Online. What events have installed for Kirito and the other online players, only time will tell….


Sword Art Online is one of the most amazing and imaginative animes I have ever watched and absolutely went mad over it that I had to rush out and purchase it both on DVD and Blu-ray before it was sold out at stores. Sword Art Online had one of the most original story lines that grabs your attention straight away, from the first episode and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait in anticipation to see the out come of each episodes, never knowing who will survive. The story line was extremely well written and thought out with jaw dropping and imaginative dialogs, with plots that glued you to the TV set asking for more, then the characters and their development were truly outstanding and amazing. Sword Art online really takes the viewers onto a wilded roller coater ride of an extraordinarily adventure with very impressive action scenes making you beg for more! There will be some episodes that you just get over whelmed with emotional feelings towards the characters as you develop close feelings towards them, there were times that I almost cried.


Sword Art Online consists of 24 episodes,there is not a complete boxset that holds the full collection as they are split up into four parts boxsets for DVD and Blu-ray, but I am sure a complete collection boxset will be available later on. The anime can be watched and finished within two days, but I urge you not to rush through this anime as it is one of the best animes around and stands out from the other titles. But if you do rush through it, do not be upset as Season 2 is busy being aired in Japan at the moment and should be released later this year in English. I’m extremely excited for season 2 to be released soon!


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