Sweetie box Unboxing

I saw some of my friends post some Sweetie box images a while ago and then one day I decide I want to see more what Sweetie box is about.

There is a lot of companies that has jumped on subscription boxes and some work and some don’t, usually local one’s really struggle to compete what international boxes offer but international boxes again can be costly and takes a long time to arrive. For us Geeks things are even a bit harder as sometimes to get some really cool things you already need to look at importing things and boxes are the same. We have a local one that is looking to be promising but time will tell.

Sweetie box is one of the boxes that quickly drew my attention because I have a sweet tooth but specifically for jelly sweets. Sweetie box includes some imported and local sweet and if you look at their different boxes over a few months, they really try to add a variety. We received August’s box and on the content below and with the video you can see the quality of the sweets and variety.

How to get Sweetie box?

August Box Contents:

  • Rainbow Bits – Coloured =, powdered fizzy tubes with soft fondant centers. Really tasty.
  • Jumbo Chocolate Nibs – Imported from Spain, great soft icing center surrounded by a dark chocolate candy coat. Very sweet but so good!
  • Mogul Chews – Looks like racals, these sweets are from Argentina and are an awesome little candy snack.
  • Cofler Chocolates – From Japan, the big ite size chocolate has a hazelnut praline center with a thin little wafer.
  • Bon-o-Bon;s – Very famous and also form Argentina, very yummy. Crunchy wafer and peanut cream with delicate milk chocolate coating.
  • Roses Handmade Fudge: From Paarl in SA, very soft and buttery fudge.
  • Maynard’s Wine Gums: Need I say more, since 1909
  • Maynard’s Starlight – A Dessert flavoured jelly with an awesome twist and taste.

As you can see the box is full of Goodies and with a price of R299 for a once off box or R269 for a monthly subscription I think it is well worth just look at my unboxing video below.

Sweetie box is a great idea and will be sufficient for people with a sweet tooth, just don’t eat the box in one day ;p

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