Suicide Guy

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Suicide Guy
Suicide Guy

The goal: Kill yourself. This is a dark comedy game that really tests your bravery in VR, you must solve puzzle and the result of each puzzle, your death. You fell asleep on the couch and Inception rules follow, dreams move faster than the real world, so you must kill yourself in the dream before you spill your beer.

The concept is as weird the controls, the controls are extremely clunky and it hard to do simple things just push a block or pick up items. I play VR regularly and rarely ever get sick but the weird floaty movement, controls and struggle to do the most basic of things really made me take regular breaks, like every 10-15 minutes. Alternate controls like teleporting somehow made me sicker because it is so hard to get to where you want, but all that said I still managed to find enjoyment in the nausea and chaos. Killing yourself is a weirdly “satisfying” and surreal experience and is in a weird way rewarding to find the solution, basically like doing a fatality in Mortal Kombat, but on yourself, also have to add it’s pretty fun to slap your virtual beer belly in the game.

To help with the unsettling nature of the game it has a cartoony style, this fails and succeeds on namouras occasions but leans more towards failing, levels felt weirdly empty as if though they just created the level and decided not to add any details like clutter, VR is all about immersion and the lack of detail in environments doesn’t help with that.

Verdict Suicide Guy is fun in short bursts because if you play any longer you might throw up, I’d recommend this to casual puzzle game fans but won’t extend that recommendation to anyone else.

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