Story of Seasons: A Trio of Towns Review

I have always enjoyed the concept of games such as Harvest moon, Farmville and the like – so when I received the new and improved Story of seasons I was quite excited to have a go at it and see what secrets it held. Story of seasons have replaced the…

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Story - 89%
Graphics - 81%
Audio - 70%
Gameplay - 91%
Replayability - 69%


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I have always enjoyed the concept of games such as Harvest moon, Farmville and the like – so when I received the new and improved Story of seasons I was quite excited to have a go at it and see what secrets it held.

Story of seasons have replaced the name harvest moon and holds promise for the series with a few improvements and adjustments. Marvelous Interactive have under gone some name changes themselves, thus the title change of this game.

This life/agriculture role-playing simulation game has kept me busy ever since its release and it is my in between study and work down time game, just to unwind and grow some crops. The concept of the game is the same as that of harvest moon, with a few additional changes – some desirable and others not so much.

Here you have been presented with a farming area, with a home you can customize to suite your needs and lands that is secluded to you. In this game’s predecessor your farming area was slightly more of an open world, where you could landscape your farming area as you please, I miss that. I have unlocked many areas and items, but there are no objectives or tasks to aid the sprites in restoring the seasons or correcting a wrong against the harvest goddess.

I spend my days watering, harvest or planting crops in a limited space. Putting the animals out to pasture if the weather calls for it and then I am off to speak to towns folk so that I may increase my likability status. For me, there is no point in such endeavours, it defeats the point of the agricultural simulation, but if you don’t do it then your ranking decreases and you stop receiving items from your neighbours or town folk.

Don’t misunderstand me, the game is wonderful and the graphics are gorgeous as opposed to harvest moon which was more of a top view game play, but I enjoyed the simulation factor more there than what I do here.

Enough though of the crazy likability talk, let’s chat about what the game houses.

The theme of the game is simple = grow crops, harvest, sell and look after your animals. The key though is that when you moved into town, you had to make friends and your uncle was the one to set you up with your piece of land and your home. The basics at your disposal are your books – this is where you can get all the information you require if you missed anything in the tutorial – I zoned out a bit because the talk A LOT. Your bed to sleep and replenish your lives, the storage box for your tools, the other storage box for anything that you would like to keep for a while and your lamp, so that the house is not so dark. All of these items you can upgrade as your move along in the game.

Outside you will find your shipping box, here you can place items that will be sold if any of the other town folk needs the item. Otherwise when you perform your part-time job duties – some of these with be to place specific items into the shipping box for a specific person. Here you can gain some much needed coin quite quickly. The part-time jobs are tasks like – weeding a garden, chopping wood, harvesting or watering crops or delivering parcels for the post office, but be careful that you do not neglect your farm.

As the story progresses you will unlock the other towns methodically and with each of these unlocked you will be able to do upgrades to your home and farming area as well as gain new items, knowledge and friends with whom you can converse as you move through the game.

A wonderfully fun and strategic game as you keep playing and expanding even though the beginning seems daunting. Don’t be discouraged by all the talking, I am aware that it can become a bit much. Also, don’t forget to write in your journal every day before you leave, I learnt the hard way – if you don’t save you have to go through the entire introduction again.

Have fun farming very one and enjoy the scenery.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: 3DS
Available on: 3DS
Genre: Farm Simulator
Age Rating: 3+
Publisher/Developer: Nintendo
Estimated RRP: R569
Release Date: 13 October 2017


  • Love the farming


  • So much talking

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