Step up Revolution Review

Ryan Guznam / Kathryn McCormick
Scott Speer

Set in Miami, a beautiful young woman named Emily is an aspiring dancer who is introduced to the underground world of flash mobs led by Sean, a man who wants to be heard. The Mob stage elaborate and ostentatious dance routines in the centre of public areas and post it on the net to win a grand prize. At the end of each dance routine, they leave a special piece of art to symbolise whom they are.



The Mob is forced to fight for more than money as a wealthy businessman is threatening to tear down their home town for development purposes. Hot women, men, music and dancing that will leave you saying “WOW”, is what you can expect from Step-Up Revolution; there is something for everyone regardless of who you are.





Although the story is cliché, Step-Up has some rather beautiful visuals and decent music. The costumes are also stunning and the acting is pretty good as well. As mentioned a bit earlier the visuals are beautiful, but can only really be appreciated being watched on a 3D TV as Step-Up was built around the technology. This can be annoying from time to time as visuals that would have been great in 3D, look rather peculiar on a normal screen as the emphasis is lost.





Step-Up is a feel-good movie suitable for the family. It also lets the audience know that anything is possible; in this case through dance. For those who love dancing this movie is right up your alley and will not leave you disappointed. Being said there was one constant complaint about Step-Up 4, there was very little of Moose present. His brief appearance left many saying that he should have had a bigger role. Personally I agree with the way the movie was carried out as it allows for a fresh breath into the series.

The movie has plenty of special features that round the DVD off quite nicely. From commentary to music videos and deleted scenes, there is a good amount of content that give value for money. A lovely movie with good morals and suitable for all.

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