Steam turns up the heat for twitch with their Steam broadcasting service

Streaming has, in many ways, helped catapult professional gaming to the heights it currently occupies, with Twitch reigning supreme in this regard. The PlayStation 4 was released with built in twitch streaming; the Xbox One also has the capability to stream too. This is a service that’s becoming standard among all platforms.

But now Valve is stepping into the ring with the introduction of Steam Broadcasting, available to every steam user that has purchased any game. Valve’s slogan being “Watch friends play, with the click of a button.” This service is built in to the old trusty Steam client so it will be immediately available after a user opts to participate in the “Steam Beta Update”. Another option for the users is the ability to go public, streaming their game across the globe for anyone to watch on the line – hello competition!

Broadcasts can be watched through the Steam client or through Chrome and Safari with an easy access to streams through the community activity tab. As its still in a beta broadcasts are only available as live streams, but expect that to change in the coming weeks.

I’ll definitely be trying to stream some of my DotA games; hopefully the uploading required for streaming won’t wreck us South Africans and our dismal internet so try come by and have a laugh at my fails!

steam stream

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