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It’s been around 20 hours since the first announcement and release of the new Star Wars poster.

Before the release of the new Star Wars trailer his the cyber ways later today and crash the internet, let’s quickly have a look at this stunning piece of lucus Art.

First, let’s just start by saying how stunning it looks. The original style and tone that has always been portrayed in every Star Wars art piece since the start of the franchise still comes through.

In this image, we get a glimpse of what’s in store for the up coming movie event of the decade.

We can see the main characters: Kylo Ren, representing the entire “Dark Side” of the image with his striking and unique red cross light sabre.

On the other end, we have what seems to be the “light Side”, represented by what seems is going to be our primary Jedi in this arch: Finn. With Rey being placed in the centre of the image, possibly representing her more conflicting character in the story as well as being the star in this movie (Totally my own opinion here).

Then, we get down to the little figures, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca all make a return in this image. But there is the surprising absence of Luke Skywalker here. They may be saving him for a final poster release.

It is odd not to see him here yet. But this wouldn’t be the first time studios have waited until the last minute to show-off a final character. Marvel did with Age of Ultron and The Vision. It seems to be a popular marketing gimmick these days.

Then, we have something evil, something ominous in the background. Almost like the Death Star’s ugly cousin.

This could prelude to the larger and darker force rising in the new trilogy.

Then the normal drabs of the Empire, representing a larger galactic conflict by the Stormtroopers lining both sides of the lower image. The Stormtrooprs covered overhead by both old Rebel Alliance X-Wing Fighters and Imperial Tie-Fighters with the cameo of the millennium Falcon.

The war like imagery in this segment of the poster could show a clue to the wider state of the galaxy. Surly we wont see too many politics this time round, but I would hate to think we wont get some kind of epic battle at some point.

One last thing. Did anyone notice the little alien next to R2D2? Son of Yoda? Would be nice.

Thats my little take on this new poster, I am amped for the new movie and trilogy and Im loosing my mind over this universe all over again!
Check back here in a few hours when I talk about the new trailer and how I wet my pants watching it!

PS: I’m sure I missed a few points in this poster in my excitement, so share your ideas with me in the comments section below:

Old Star Wars Trailer

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